We have securly installing on our chromeboxes and chromebooks. Is anyone else having an issue with the Chrome Task Manager showing 'Extension: Securly for Chromebooks' consuming 75%+ of the cpu until it is ended and then it will restart at some point and gradually climb back up. I have seen the cpu% exceed 100% often, this issue is slowing the chromes dramatically until that task is killed. After that task is killed things will be fine until it restarts and the cpu utilization goes back to high numbers. It started being something users complained about near the end of December but the complaints have gotten more numerous this month.

Any suggestions or pointers appreciated.

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Good Morning. I've created Groups and added staff to each group in Securly Free/Auditor. I've assigned the necessary OU's to those groups. In Auditor, there are tabs for Grief/Self Harm, Bullying, Violence, and Profanity. Will the people that I assigned to the Staff groups get notifications about all these issues, or just the Grief/Self Harm? They've all gotten the notification email from Securly Free saying that they can log into the back-office. Will they be able to select "Auditor" after they log in, and then view the Grief/Self Harm, Bullying, Violence, and Profanity tabs themselves? If they can't find the initial email granting them access, how do I resend the email to them?


We are using Auditor by Securly. After the summer Auditor has not updated user OU membership so email alerts for students who changed the buildings are going to the wrong Administrators. Please help.

Good Morning. We are using Securly Free and LightSpeed Bottle Rocket Internet Content filter. This morning I was on an iPad using Chrome, and then on a PC using Chrome, using my student credentials, I searched for "sex", and although I didn't click on any of the resulting links, there were a few inappropriate images. We have Chrome and Bing Safe Search turned on, as well as search for Creative Commons photos enabled. We have porn, health, and everything else blocked on Securly Free.

Our LightSpeed appliance has porn and other categories blocked, and we have Safe Search turned on. How were my student AD and Google accounts able to view these images?

We have an OU (labeled CEC Students) in Google and AD, which denies youtube access. I created a sub-OU in Google Admin console under the CEC Students OU, and I labeled it CEC Needs Youtube, and allowed youtube in Securly.

Four of the 6 students who are in the sub-OU can access Youtube, awesome! Two of those students however, get the Securly block page, saying they are denied access because they are in the CEC Students OU (but they aren't when I look in my Google Admin Console).

I've resynced a couple of times and I'm still getting that message when I log into a Chromebook as either of the 2 students. Can someone help?

Good Morning. I have an OU labeled CEC and a sub-OU labeled NO EMAIL. I've synched a couple of times under Policy Map, but the NO EMAIL OU is still grayed out. How can I make the OU checkable/active so I can select it for a policy I just created disabling Gmail?

We are using Securly free and Auditor.
I have run a "Re-sync org units" twice in Securly, but Auditor keeps sending alerts to middle school administrators for students who moved to high school this year. Is there a separate re-sync process for Auditor that I don't see?

Hello, I've been using Securly in a handful of school districts for the past year. In just one of our districts, we have undesired/concerning sites appearing on the global allow list. Is there a way to see which Securly Administrator is allowing these? I'm not sure if it is a lack of training on their end, or possible an account security issue, but I would like to put a stop to this behavior that is explicitly giving access to sites we would rather not have accessible.


How come the Securly for Chromebooks Extension uses so much CPU when on a desktop? As witnessed through the Chrome Task Manager.


Question about whitelisting. Seems you can only whitelist something such as sites.google.com. If you try to add anything behind it it will not fail... such as sites.google.com/brown

Any work arounds?
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