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My students are organized well in GSFE, there is an OU for each grade, then under that is a single OU labeled by graduating class, with all the students in that grad. class in that OU. This way I can just simply move the entire class from grade to grade, building to building, as they advance K-12. This is great for Securly, as with just simple OU moves, the principal has the right kids to look at their history, get alerts, etc. The problem is that I just moved my OU's forward one grade a few weeks ago, and the changes are not reflected in Securly, see how my two attachments don't match. I've tried multiple attempts at "re-sync org units" under policy map, log out and in multiple times, nothing with trigger my Securly to sync up with GSFE like it needs to. Suggestions? Thanks in advance!
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Hello. I'm in a new role with a district that rolled out Securly last SY. There were some issues and my predecessor suggested the IT team test it on the refreshed devices. Has anyone done something similar? Could you share your process?

Additionally, could you share your process for managing disturbing word alerts?

Question for those that have been in the beta of the classroom feature...How is it? Have you had a few teachers try it out? We are out for summer but I would like to get more info on it and how it works as far as seeing students devices and the way teachers can use it. Thanks in advance.

I have a crazy question. In Securly Free when I am viewing reports, if a student has multiple tabs open on a Chromebook, Securly Free will list activity/browsing data for all open tabs, correct?

Securly has taken the necessary steps to align with applicable GDPR requirements, and are currently evaluating additional efforts and measures.

All EU customers have the option of designating Europe as the region for their instance of Securly and the location for the underlying personal data ("Customer Data"). If you do so, you will be provisioned by us within the Ireland Region, and your Customer Data will reside in the EEA.
Customers have the option to access, delete, or remove their Customer Data by sending a support ticket.
Securly will [return/delete] the Customer Data at the end of the Agreement.
All communication to and from Securly servers over the network is over encrypted HTTPS protocol. The data repository is not accessible via public IP addresses and ports. Data can be accessed only by authenticated Securly servers.

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Our main Securly G+ Account posted a series of recent experiences our 24 Team has encountered. Truly powerful stories that I also want to share here too:

Is there any way to block .io sites?

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I love this! We're "The Student Safety Company"

Securly started off as a Web FIlter but have since introduced a number of products - all with the goal of keeping kids safe from harm! To avoid confusing the market, we are calling our flagship product "Filter" moving forward. The company tagline itself is now "The Student Safety Company" to make it clear to our employees and customers why we come into work each day. Infographic showing we put our money where our mouth is:

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Good Morning US West Customers,

We are investigating reports of a partial service disruption on US-West, please keep an eye on our page for updates.

You can also subscribe for updates right from this page as well if you would like to be automatically updated on bug fixes, service disruptions, feature releases!

Is a classroom view available? I'm not seeing a roster for my students or any way to connect my students to my account.
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