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Peut-on forcer la mise en veille sur un Chromebook ? La réponse est évidente et Chrome OS va nous y aider J’ai très régulièrement des questions autour de la mise en veille de nos chromebooks, et je réponds très souvent par mail ! Aujourd’hui je vais vous…

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Anyone have an issue with the Lenovo X131e's dropping enrollment in a domain once they leave, then having to be re-enrolled once they come back into the domain? I'm at the Kimberly School District & we have a issue with this on some of our devices. Seems to hit at random.

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This how to get Google PlayStore on a Chromebook 

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Stylus for Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8" (SMT350) Tablet?

Anyone use or have recommendations for the above?

I was recently gifted with one and am finding the onscreen keyboard a bit of a challenge due to "fat finger syndrome".

First time dealing with an Android device...


So far my experience with the Samsung Chromebook Plus. Initially bought to replace my Google Pixel C as a tablet with a more robust desktop class browser, with a real keyboard (although the Pixel C stock keyboard is fantastic and makes a world of difference using the Pixel C) track pad. I love the dual USB Type-C ports and the microSD slot. It's like getting a 12" tablet with all the extras.

So far I got most of my Android Apps installed. Except stuff that doesn't work like Widgets, Keyboards, and file managers (android apps cant access the microSD card).

Kodi Krypton 17 runs great in full screen immersive mode.

I initially bought an Open Box at Best Buy, the manager was nice enough to manually add in my $100 trade in. It was perfect until I closed it and noticed the bottom front edge was loose, like they didn't tighten 3 of the 4 screws down all the way, leaving a 0.3mm gap I could press down on the cover. Also with Open Box you risk the previous owner redeemed the offers. Google is giving buyers $20 Play Store credit and 100gb Drive storage for 2 years free. So I returned/exchanged it for a new one and paid the difference. (s/n 200,000)

The replacement had severe bluetooth interference. I could not listen to youtube videos without it constantly cutting out sitting in front of the unit, if I turned my head or moved it stuttered. I had to adjust my home wifi and it helped but still was unusable. As soon as I turned this unit on it forced an update before initial setup. I mention this, because it had issues running Facebook Live streams, which is one of the reasons I went for a Chromebook in the first place, to get a real browser.. It would pay 5-10 secs and get a "something went wrong". Note this happened with all the floor models / brands I tested at Best Buy. It does not happen with the Windows based laptops using Edge or Chrome Browser. So it's a ChromeOS issue. Also when the unit would auto sleep, sometimes it would not wake with the track pad, I had to press the keyboard. (s/n 100,000)

Went back to Best Buy and exchanged it for a higher s/n 200,000 model. Bluetooth works with very nominal stutter, I could walk several rooms away and it would still play fine. The track pad wakes the unit as it should without issue. But Facebook Live streams still only play 5-10 secs then pops up "something went wrong" on Stable channel 56.0.2924.110. So I decided to try switching to the Beta channel. It updated to 57.0.2987.85beta. I went to to test random live streams, chose Washington Post's April the Giraffe stream and it played for a bit, switched to Michael Phelps live stream it played, went back to April the Giraffe and it gave the same error. I did a few refreshes and it would play and cut out, so it's random.. Again a ChromeOS issue. Live streams on YouTube play fine.

The keyboard is really good. I like the tactile response and clicky-ness compared to the other demo units. The smaller than usual and smaller than other keys, tab and backspace are awkward, being used to having huge ones on other keyboards. I do tend to have to miss and look, hitting the lock button instead at times. The track pad is great, some mention their finger gets stuck / sticky. I say let it "break in", once you get some finger smeg / smoot on it's surface it glides. The Pen is great fun, especially useful when my fingers feel oily, to touch the screen.. The speed and responsiveness is great in ChromeOS and android apps run fine.

I am really happy with it, hopefully Google fixes the issue with ChromeOS, it worked perfect last week before the update.

I am now looking for some type of folio and or skin, as well as a nice Tempered Glass Screen Protector /poke #intelliARMOR

If you have any suggestions or question feel free to ask, I would be willing to answer as well.

UPDATE: Forgot to mention how well Screen Cast works, it's almost simultaneous, where on my Nexus 9, Pixel C and Pixel XL it would have a bit more delay.

NOTE: I've created a facebook group, anyone interested in sharing samsung chromebook information or anything related in general welcome to join

UPDATE 03/27/2017; WiFi on 2.4GHz conflicts with Bluetooth, causing noise, cut out, stuttering. Very little if any interference at 5GHz. No issues when using USB Type-C to ethernet connection and Bluethooth headset. Facebook live stream will playback without errors if you force "SD Only" in settings>video.

So my 3rd replacement Samsung Chromebook Plus so far has no major issues with bluetooth cutting out consistently. It is running similarly to me 1st one. The 2nd one I had also would fall asleep and I couldn't wake it using the track pad, I have to touch the keyboard. What I noticed is that the 2nd one's serial number was in the 100,000s, the two working "better" are in the 200,000s. Not sure that makes a difference. Also the packing box for the power adapter were different between the 100k and 200k.
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