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We are trying to better understand the impact of our CSER MOOC program, and how we can improve it. If you are doing, or have done the CSER Foundation-6 MOOC, we would love it if you could please complete this survey for us:

The survey is anonymous, and asks for your insight into how you use the CSER MOOC course and community, and about your professional practice as a teacher. Thank you in advance! We greatly appreciate all of your support.

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Research Participation Opportunity

The Australian Government Department of Education and Training has commissioned independent consulting firm dandolo partners to evaluate the Coding Across the Curriculum program, which includes funding for the Digital Technologies Hub.

The research focuses on how the Digital Technologies Hub supports teachers to implement the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies. As part of the research, dandolo is inviting teachers to participate in a school visit and/or an online discussion forum.

- School visit - An opportunity to help dandolo understand how digital technologies resources are used in practice.

- Online discussion forum - An opportunity to share and discuss your perspectives on digital technologies education more broadly.

For more information or to apply, please visit the following site:

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In case you missed it, you can find our recorded webinar on "Creating Assessment Activities for Digital Technologies (CS)" below. (Session handout: - includes access to slide deck!) #FreePD #Webinar #Assessment

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An example for discussion if you are considering the Unconscious Bias program

Hi I'm Viola, I teach Year 2 in Mareeba and I have implemented a STEM Club within our school with the help of some wonderful people.
I am interested in learning as much as I can :)

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In partnership with Refraction Media, we've launched a new PL-in-a-Box pack, "Careers with STEM", to support you to present about the importance of Careers in STEM to educators, counsellors, parents or students!

Tailor the content to suit your audience or speak about specific STEM fields using Refraction Media's resources.

I'm at the CSER MOOC Introduction (STEM) 17/8/17 presented by Toni Falusi - Project Officer (ACT). Looking forward to learning more about STEM.
Enjoyed drawing my first Monster Info Glyph.

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Hi everyone. A PDF ladder for introducing Seesaw to pupils and teachers. Thoughts, ideas and feedback on what I am missing that is important.

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I am running a session at Digicon17 (DLTV's annual conference in Melbourne July 28-29) on using the PL in a Box materials. If anyone in this community has a story to share, I would love to tell people how you have used the materials in your schools! Reply here, or drop me an email

Hi I'm Emma. I teach year 5 in Rockhampton. Currently undertaking a Moocs Course with Lauren.
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