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Hola comunidad bella!!! Les escribo hoy Junio 28 2016, desde Mexico, mi hogar de patrimonio. Estoy feliz que tengo sangre Indigena corriendo por mis venas. Lo Indigeno dentro de nosotros nos hace mas fuertes y debemos apoyar a la causa Indigena en cualquier parte del mundo que andemos, hasta la mismisima Hillary Clinton lo dijo cuando la conoci en Washinton DC con Indigenas de Estados Unidos. Gracias a mi papa que me dijo que tenia sangre Nayeeri (Cora) me asesore sobre dicha communidad bella y hasta fui a la Sierra con mi papa. Me gustaria podre regresar dentro de 3 anos y llevar a mas familia alla si la comunidad me lo permite para visitar y apreciar. Siento dicha de que Nayeeris me han brindado su amistad y hoy Casiano, un gran amigo, ha pedido ser parte de esta comunidad y me da placer. Tambien pienso en otros como Thereso y profesores/profesores/estudiantes que entreviste en el 2007 y pienso en ellos constantemente. Estoy en el norte de Mexico, en Baja California, pero cuando valla mas cerca a Tepic visito y me dara placer que sus costumbres authoctonas siguan aun mas fuertes y vibrantes. Un gran saludo a todos - quiero lo mejor para ustedes y Taniuka, nuestras voces, es una de las mas lindas palabras del mundo. Sinceremente, Jacqueline Lopez

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Wow -- the 4th Annual Teacher Appreciation Week is ON:

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The great accomplishment that I am proud to share with all of you is that my first novel got published by amazon!! And you can purchase the book for only $2.99: - Sorry I didn't write this before and post it for all of you, but I didn't have internet access in the little town i was in and finally got it when I told my landlord that he either gets me internet or I move out (why didn't I think of this before?) - I celebrated the publication of my novel with fireworks in Dubai and the love infused energy so intense at the end of the year led me to embrace a new beautiful relationship! This book and my new relationship feels so right and it happened at the best time;)!! So the fireworks continued yesterday on Valentine's day at a seafood restaurant and at a weekend get away... I think the book has helped the universe introduce me to a man who I already feel is my prince charming and the best part is that the feeling is mutual!! Who knows, the book may bring YOU good luck in love since there are many spicy voyages that may give you ideas and dare you to live;)!!!! Please let me know what you think if you read the book and sending you all lots of love and explosive energy;0))) In light and love, Jacki

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Hi Taniuka team!! So much to update you all this Dec. before 2015 fades away!!! Before the 31st I will share a great accomplishment & write an extended write up; for now I'll share pics about my recent travels to Fujeira beach and Adobe Mosque this Christmas in the UAE.
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Nov. 13, 2015 -- Writing from Abu Dhabi - So much to update on!! First of all +Adriana Gallegos you'll be happy to know that I started a travel blog to post from on your travel site for bloggers, travelers, people that love life;). I started this from my hotel in Thailand after a great work out at the gym and I was full of energy, a few days later I took off to Dubai & focused on getting settled in my new home and new work place. It was awesome because this time consisted mostly on making my classroom perfect by doing crafts to post on 3 bare walls. I ended up making a huge turtle, heart lollipop balloons, my footprint butterflies, a 'tree of knowledge,' etc. and got help from 3 teacher assistants who made a large elephant that I wanted (thanks Veena!), number train, big airplane and much more!! Now my classroom looks great and even Mr. Samer told me 'Great Job.'

My 1st day of class is on Sunday because here in the UAE classes are from Sunday to Thursday, and the weekend is Friday and Saturday so here u here "Thank God it's Thursday" instead of Friday and Friday is already heaven; LOL. It's interesting to have had my children in the US, my Thai children, and now my UAE children; here I can add more of my own flavor and allow children to learn while having fun; plus try hard to instill foundational habits etc. On the weekends I can go to Georgia, Iran +Natasha Pejman, Oman etc. so I'm super happy to add countries to my voyager diary. Speaking about voyagers, the theme of my classroom is 'Voyagers' so my children will understand the transformative importance of traveling beyond mere tourist; a voyager is one that goes deep into cultures and is forever changed by the experience. For example, I used my wisdom gained during my global trotting experiences to not form any clicks during my TEFL training course; I wanted to rise above "comfort" and for better or for worse, I made my stamp and a fellow TEFL student recognized my spirituality and directly called me out on it. Another student thought it was amazing, but the opposite also occurred because that's life. Other people may not understand why you are acting a certain way and so be it, they don't have to. The nice thing about the very green age of my students is that they are not 'corrupted' in any way and are fresh flowers of hope. I look forward to teaching my voyagers in 2 days!!

What else? I'm currently in Abu Dhabi but to be honest I miss Dubai's beach and living the high life with fellow amazing souls where resources and money did not matter. (This post to be continued later so I can continue getting ready for my Sunday teaching;) Chao Taniuka Healing & Becoming Community - will post pics soon.   

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It's "Motivational Monday" and time to write on: "Transformation/ Going Back To One's Roots with Travel Therapy."
Sounds like an Oxymoron, right? Yet it is not; here is a short blurb as an example that explains why. This morning in Bangkok I meditated and a trusted one from Mexico suggested that I put a picture of the ideal body I want to have in front of me as a technique. I looked for pics and came up with one, although it was too ideal for me: a picture of me when I was 15 or 16. A pic of me, showing how my body type was once a upon a time, follows (the picture somehow accidentally made it into my luggage and it's made it to Thailand!) Usually i focus on mental growth but being able to have physical discipline is just as important because it calls for overall wellness. Meditation is something I'm doing daily now as part of transforming oneself especially since within a period of 10 days I will be traveling to 3 different countries and it surely will help in transforming the world ideals; it is precisely to recuperate the body I was happy to see in pictures that I want to transform my current body. In essence the picture represents going back to something i had, part of a personal transformational push. Also, part of my transformational goals include loving heritage and who I am 100%, because this will anchor us more strongly into who we want to become. If one accepts and understands their parents and grandparents' language, not only will it increase their bonds to their loved ones, but make more bilinguals or trilinguals  all the wiser. The wiser you are, the better the chances of transformation can occur;) and the farther you are from home and your places of comfort, the faster this transformational process will occur. 

Travel Therapy and wellness strategies such as meditation, healing massage, and yoga are incredibly important for transformational purposes. It helps you get through "this is what I have done" and now I must do this, or in other words, the next steps; every day is a new day and we have the power to decide what steps we want to take. Lets make this steps motivational, theraupetical, and healthy! Even when things don't work out perfectly ,such as what has occurred to me: I didn't get to go to the wedding in Belize where I was chosen to become a bridesmaid. Instead I am in a very clean and comfty hotel room in Bangkok but those memories with my BFFF I will never be able to recover. Yet, I take it with stride and start a new chapter of my life where 'honoring heritage roots' and transformational ambitions are not mutually exclusive.   
#MotivationalMonday   #TravelTherapy   

Sept. 22, 2015 -- "Loving and living deeply in Bangkae Thailand" -adventures in Kasintorn Academy and in Thailand.
*For 3 months I have been intensively focused on my work with Kasintorn, a new relationship that started as quickly as it is ending, my friends and coworkers at Kasintorn Academy and others around the area, traveling around Thailand, and wrapping up my novel for publication, among other, which does NOT include exercise:(! Hence, I haven't written on this community though it should not be an excuse! and I do know I have to be more mindful about writing if not several times a month, at least once or twice to keep the community posted while traveling once again around the globe. I just can't get enough of it; my next destination is pointed to the beautiful paradise that Belize is, where my BFFF will get married and I shall be preparing a speech... But back to where I am currently now, in Bangkok (Bangkae district) at Kasintorn Academy next to the two beauties +Maria Fe  and +Kevin Clyne Abellera, I am privileged to be experiencing so much! The highlights are my friendship with this two gals mentioned, plus +Anita now in England, +Ruzanne Howard, and the list goes on.  And I am also lucky to be able to have "weekends in paradise" such as when I went to the Island of +Koh Samet where I could have stayed there eternally as the ambiance (living in a cabin on the beach side) and company was fireworks.

One of the nights consisted of a fire show that brave men put on while my friends and I dined on barbecued shish kabobs, along with a tasty grilled potato and corn, at a very low price! (Can't beat BOTH quality and price). After dinner and the show, a new gal I just met and I decided to have my then boyfriend take pictures as we went under a pole of fire and became part of the thriving ambiance. There is so much more to tell about that beach hurrah, but since I'm in school I want to focus on my time as a teacher. And I can honestly write that my children are quite amazing!! Oh... students need the computer lab thanks to Maria Fe teaching them important skills so this blog to be continued which I will call "Transformation? Or Going Back To One's Roots? Or Both?" Maria Fe just said "Find a nice computer" and since I already spent the 10 max minutes i promised myself on my blog so I can get to grading children's books and teaching my munchkins, my reply is "this one is free" so peace out Taniuka community;). I'll write after 4PM next time to complete mentioned post, the time i finish work. ;0) Peace & Love to all of you;))

Materialistic world. Shallow people. Too much of a rat race. TIrED!

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