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name: ashley
nick: ash
family: younger triplet of the tripletsister twilight and twyla
parents: Ihascupquake and red
likes: music,speedpaint,piano,family
dislikes: mean,unstable,jerks
personality: sweet,nice,kind,good
friends: alot
videostyle: gaming
age: 25 (15)
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Marria was home alone when she hears a knock on her door huh? *she got up and opened the door*

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Name: Candy
Age: 14
Gender: female
Personality: shy, Nice
Parents: LDShadowLady
Likes: toys, games, painting
Dislikes: Disney channel
Video style: toys, Skits. Speed paint

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profile template💝
name: twilight
nick: twi
age: 25 (15)
gender: female
parents: Ihascupquake and red
sibling: tripletsister twyla and ashley
personality: twisted,nice,sweet,rebel,mean
likes: rule breaker,spraypaint,sewing,art,rebel,skipping school,shipping,music,gaming,jumpscare
dislikes: perv,flirter,girly stuff
video style: gaming,speedpaint,skits
hair colors: pinkish hair infront little bit light bleu
eyes colors: cyan her right eye got a bandage behind her hair
magic: water
outfit: on pic
weapon: water glaive(sword)
race: wetewolf/werecat
other: she wear a headphone and a necklace
Twilight ♡
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Name: Kate
Age: 15
Gender: female
Personality: kind, nice, brave, hyper
Parents: DanTDM and Little Kelly (why not? There my favourite you tubers!)
Likes: Pokémon, making videos, shopping, music, candy and gaming
Dislikes: Caves and bullies
Video style: gaming, vlogs, speed paint and music videos
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Quote: "I'm so crazy, crazy in love with you~"
Other Quote: "Yay! We're all gonna die!!"

Name: Kaminski (Kam-in-ski)
●Nickname: Kami
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Personality: Tsundere, Shy but Sweet, Socially Awkward
Parents: YandereDev 《IDK!》
Likes: Internet, Adding rivals, Skits, Yandere Simulator, etc.
Dislikes: Hackers, Fun Girl, Glitches, Old Builds
Video Style: Skits, Speedpaints, Gaming
●Birthday: February 27
●Zodiac: Leo the Lion
●Crush: Jayden
●Relationship status: Single
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Quote: "Is it weird I ship Phan and I'm related to them?"
Other Quote: "We all have an awkward side. Even you."

●Personal Info●
Name: Skylar
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Personality: Socially Awkward, Childish, Sweet
Parents: Dan and Phil
Likes: Internet, Gaming, YouTube, Drawing cat whiskers on herself
Dislikes: Jumpscares, Hackers, Cheats, etc.
Video Style: Gamer, Speedpainter, Skits
Birthday: April 21
Zodiac: Taurus
Sister(s): Danielle ((+DreamCatcher 23​​))
Crush: None.
Relationship status: Single like a Pringle!

Skylar 《Dan and Phil》
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Profile Template:
Name: Marria
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Personality: Kind, Stubborn, Childish
Parents: Jack
Likes: Games, Music, Drawing
Dislikes: Going outside, School
Video Style (Gaming,Skits,etc): Gaming,Skits, Speedpaints
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