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Welcome to Pyrrhia World (a Wings Of Fire Role-play) here you can role-play as your character, show of your art, do commissions and, just have fun. So now that the introduction to this community is done, lets get to the rules.


1: No swearing, but you can use terms from Warrior Cats
2: No sexual content in your rps, but you can private post the person
3: No proclaiming that art is yours, even though you didn't make it/do
4: Please don't have very gory rps and example is


Moon then lunged forward toward Star, she nocked him down. She then rose up her talon and sliced the throat of Star, causing scarlet blood to spill onto the grass.

Something like that will not be accepted in this community, and you'll be banned for a week or even more

5: This community will have a strike system
1 strike= 1 day ban
2 strike= 3 day ban
3 strike= a weeks ban
4= banned completely from the community
And if you want to get back to the community, send me a PP. You _must have a good explanation/reason to present to me if you want to get back in.

6: If you are being somewhat mean/rude to one of my moderators or even me you'll be banned for a whole month, I'll allow to come back in if you give a reason. But if you do it again, you'll get completely banned from the community

7: When advertising you can only do it on advertisement is Allowed section, the rules in using this section it that you can only advertise 2 days in a week.


That wraps it up for me, until we get up to 25 members

[Note:I will set up a post for people that want to have a dragon as Queen/Prince of one of the Kingdoms]

Signing Out
+Doggiemon The Enjoyable Dog

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She lives with the sandwings though is made fun of for her coloration


Basic body structure: She is very thin, lean and nimble. She has muscle but it cannot be seen

Basic head structure:
Long eyelashes, and thin head shape
Main Scales:
Her main scales are a mixture of yellow and a light brown
Wing Membranes:
Yellow, green and white
Horns & Claws:
Anything Else:



Quote: "What doesn't kill you makes you smarter!.. wait? its stronger? Whoops!~"

Personality: She's very sweet and soft-spoken. She tends to crack jokes with those she trusts and yearns for a mate. She is loving and loyal.

>Positive: She is very sweet, she will help almost anyone

>Negative: She is very gullible, tends to get herself in trouble

>Neutral: She thinks really fast (Csn be positive at times)



Birth mother:
Adopted mother:
Birth father:
Adopted father:
Adopted brothers:
Adopted sisters:


She flies extremely fast, and her running speed is nothing to scoff at either. Can breathe fire and can hear very well. She has venom that comes from both rainwing and sandwing that can be shot from her fangs.
When she was born she loved immensely by her parents. She only knew them for a short time before they were killed and she was left alone. She was found by someone from the kingdom of sand and was taken in. She has lived there for a while but sneaks out to explore other places

Random facts:
The rainwing parts of her can change colors

Art credits:
Crionym (Character mine!)
Template credit: #CactusJuiceTemplates

where is a roster?

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[Age:]16 years old
[Tribe:]40%Nightwing 38%icewing 22%seawing
[Appearance:] pic
[Personality:] (Not optional)sarcastic, short tempered, rude
[Likes/Dislikes:] (Not optional)likes: ice, water, night
Dislikes:day, fire, skywings
[Job:] (Not optional)assassin
[Father:]blizzard (dead)
[Bio] (Not optional) as a dragonet, eclipse was picked on for being a hybrid. His mother mysteriously disappeared and left his father to tale care of him. At the age of ten, his father died in a skirmish against skywings. He then left the night kingdom and became a loner. Some dragons say he us willing to kill for the right price

Art credit:Imagination draws

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Who want's ta roleplay?

I will be using Thoughtseeker and Futureseeker.

(+Austin Drakkirion

Thoughtseeker and Futureseeker walked away from the Nightkingdom and into the desert off on another delivery quest. This often happened. They didn't stick around the NightKingdom very often. Usually just long enough to collect some goods, grab a few things that needed to be delivered, and then take off for other places. So there they were walking along through the sand Thoughtseeker staying close to Futureseeker, his big brother as his satchel bounced against his side. They stopped as they noticed another dragon approaching.

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So back 4 weeks ago this community was happy to get something new and interesting, as me and +》Inna the Punmaster《 came up with ideas of the animus of the dragons and the prophecy and the war and other things like that. So when I posted the roster for the prophecy dragons, only one person was put on there (excluding me and Inna). But when I looked through the comment section, everyone was basically saying. Well I want to, but I don't want to, this is really annoying especially when two people have thought of this for the whole community. So my my point to this, are we going to go forward with this or not.
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We are going forward with this
We aren't going forward with this

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Drakk was walking through the narrow, winding streets of possibility, stopping at a few different shops as he goes. After a while, the strange looking skywing with four horns and a playful grin stops and sits under the shade of a tree in a courtyard to rest. He got out his Ji-tarr to play when you-

[Name]: WaveRider

[Gender]: Female

[Age]: 19

[Kingdom]: Seawing Kingdom.

[Likes/Dislikes]: WaveRider reaaaaally likes weapons. And she loves making them as well. She's always going on adventures, to find new material. She hopes to find the most rare of them all: The eye of Pyrrha and put it on a great and mighty shield, and give it to Queen Coral.

[Apperance]: (In photo, some extra description Gah, I can't find it. I'll post it in a minute..) WaveRider is actually very small, and is underestimated and teased for this fact, well until she has her sword through their heart. She has a dark blue over scales, with icy blue ones scattered everywhere. She has blazing purple eyes. She is also slim, with a very strong tail.

[Personality.]: Quite cold, and doesn't like speaking or socializing much. She's quick to battle, especially if you become a threat to someone she loves.

[Abilities]: Normal SeaWing powers, except, she is unable to fly.

Mother: Ripple
Father: Tide Shark.
Adoptive Brother: Ocean
Doppelganger: MoonRider


[Sexuality]: Straight. But doesn't want to date someone until she has created a strong bond between them.

[Sign]: Scorpio

[Accessories]: She normally wears a spiked collar around her neck, and multiple bandages. She has many on her wings, and is flightless, due to a fight she had a few months back.

[Quotes]: "Yeah, I'm a dragon that can't fly? So what? Got a problem?" "Swords are my everything." "It's my fault."

[Theme]: This Little Girl - NightCore.

[Bio]: WaveRider blames herself for a lot of things. Such as, for her parents never being around. One of her shields failed, and the person she gave it to lost a wing, so they wanted something in return. He wanted an Ice Flower Crystal, a very rare crystal in the Ice Kingdom. WaveRider had only found one, and she almost died. Her parents went, and died during their mission. She blames herself. She takes care of her brother, who has grown to not love her much, seeing as she's never around. She blames herself for that too. She holds every burden she can on her shoulders. She hopes to make things right. But thats a wish that will never come true.

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