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Here are some of the rules

1. Don't goof around me and Adel

2. No fighting

3. No hurting anybody

4. Don't hurt my nieces

5. Ask Drake or Josh if you want to be in the show

6. No bullying unless if you ask me or my family

7. Don't talk about my other mom's mom

8. Don't say bad words and you will be banned and kicked out

9. Say nice words

10. If you have a question ask me or my husband

11. You get 15 chances if you say a bad word

12. Post anything about Drake & Josh if it was appropriate or something

13. Don't say anything weird to my nieces

14. 5 warnings

And final one

15. If you want to hold Athena, ask my sister Hayley!

That's it. That's all! Now you understand the rules!! Enjoy!
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