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The point of sale got a major update today. It now has the ability to support you when you accept multiple types of payment for a transaction.

don't see the giveaway post. craving more entries.

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It is spoiler season!...and that means lots of new cards to add to your pre-sale inventory each day. We heard that keeping track of those cards that you have in inventory aka: priced after being spoiled, can be a little painful...

so we did what we do: use technology to make it easier.

Here is a quick screencast of our new mass update feature. This video includes some hidden spoilers of new little updates that you will see soon on :)

Pre-sale auctions on eBay? hmmmm....

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Legion's Initiative tells me that RWU is going to be a popular combo, as is RWGU. End of your turn, blink my guys. My turn, wrath. Declare attack, swing in unopposed. Shocks in those colors, as well as Sulfur Falls and Clifftop Retreat are solid plays for the mana base, and out of those I like Sulfur Falls at about $6, down from its high of around $12. Clifftop is down to about $8 from $15, but the Boros and Naya decks are already holding that up pretty high and the first wave of players to head this way will probably be ones who are already in those colors as their investment is smaller. The shocks have all already been great plays, so nothing new there. Outside the mana base, Supreme Verdict is still reasonable at about $5 but it's been on an uptick for a while. There's room to grow (think back to $12 Terminus) so get a few extras. To get the most bang for your buck out of Legion's Initiative you want RW guys: Aurelia, Boros Reckoner, Firemane Avenger... Foundry Champion has a nice ETB trigger you can exploit as well, but he's pretty pricey at a CMC of 6. This would probably be a slightly slower deck as you want to be able to have a strong team on board before you blink/wrath (could make those Battalion triggers much more valuable, which could make Firemane Avenger a nice pickup), but also have them at a low CMC so you can afford to drop your enchantment somewhere in there and blink it. If the RWUG variant ends up being popular Burning-Tree Emmissary and Champion of the Parish are apt to be your bread-and-butter plays to build your army, which is especially desirable because you can just swing in with some inevitablility.

Unfortunately, I don't see any good, practical way to abuse Legion's Initiative with Aurelia - that would have been cute.

At any rate, I like the mana base and the verdict as plays since you've got some upward momentum on the verdict already, and the shocks were already a good pickup if you can get them at good prices. The Innistrad lands I'm less certain of because we're approaching the time when demand will begin to subside, and unless there is a strong push from people who aren't already in these colors to move in the demand won't rebound that much - but if someone offers you some at a good price, I'd snap up an extra playset.

If you're looking to stock up on anything, go check out As of this writing most of the above is available, and at excellent prices to boot.

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What a weekend...
April 11, 2013
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Dragon's Maze
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Spoiled cards are now being added daily. As soon as a card is available from major retailers, with or without an image, you will be able to list it for pre-order. 

Pre-order items are displayed with a notice that the item won't ship until the release date.

Receipts for pre-orders include a notice that the item won't ship until the release date.

Officially entered spoiler season. You can expect products on in the next day or so. 
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