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How to be a gew superstar/women

1: make a post about you as a person example

How old
Boy or girl
Home town
Town you are in
Stuff like that

2: have friends or family that would wrestler with you can be family people you don't know it can be anyone

3: have fun

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My Logos
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My new logo

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Promo I see it in the stars your fate is near don't you see it it's clear as ice

I am a fighter with a dream that I would be the new champion my name is James hart Storm


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Age: 15
Hometown: California
Town: Los Angeles
Boy Or Girl?: Boy

My Superstar Here In GEW
'The Phenomenal One' AJ Styles

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Name: Romeo Mayak (Row • Me • Oh) (My • Ack)
Age: 14
Hometown: England, With Roots From Turkey
Town: Leeds
Weight: 216 Pounds
Affiliation: Tweener

Finishers: Princebreaker (Neckbreaker STO)
Tiger's Oasis (Back Elbow Drop Turned Into an Ankle Lock)

Signatures: Desert 47 (Jumping Spear Clothesline)
Prayplex (Delayed Butterfly Suplex)

Theme: Kapala Haara by Dhwesha

I know this isn't roleplay, but I will still entertain you with a roleplay Profile anyway

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Shad Gaspard
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