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Make sure to visit our webpage where you'll find a holiday message from the Office of eLearning Team! #INeLearn  

Please take the opportunity to review the WBL manual.  These suggestions will be utilized to make final revisions.  

You can access an online version of the manual at:

Please complete this short survey to contribute your opinions and recommendations about the standards for Work Based Learning.  Average time to complete this survey is 15-25 minutes. 

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Indiana High School Diploma Survey
June 2015
As part of the Indiana Career Council, the Core 40 subcommittee was established in 2014 per IC-20-19-6-9 to examine the current Core 40 diploma offerings and make recommendations to the SBOE, which may include:
• Changing course requirements for the Core 40 diploma
• Changing the types of diplomas offered in Indiana
• Analysis of need in Indiana for a CTE diploma and/or CTE offerings

Over the past several months, and through the chairmanship of both Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz and Commissioner of Higher Education Teresa Lubbers, a large committee made up of stakeholders representing business and industry, higher education, school administration, K-12 educators, special educators, and CTE directors has developed the following proposed draft of  diploma requirements to be implemented with the freshman class of 2018-2019. Please go to to review the drafts and then take the survey that follows. 

We appreciate your feedback!

I need some examples of completed training plans for WBL.  We can delet any names

Really enjoyed meeting WBL and ICE teachers at the IBEA Conference.  For those who attended, what was your favorite part of the conference?

What was your favorite session at this past weekend's ACTE/AAFCS Conference?  Let us know so we can plan future PD accordingly!

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Post your favorite WBL resources in this shared folder!  

What are some first day "back to school" activities that you use in your work based learning classes?

Hello and Welcome to the Work Based Learning Community of Practice.  I thought we might start generating conversation and resources if we all shared a post introducing ourselves and sharing some of our passion about Work Based Learning.

Most of you have probably seen my name but I wanted to share my background and why I love the profession.  I like to think that my experience really started in high school through FCCLA.  Being a state officer is what solidified my interest in becoming a FACS teacher, which helped me gain experience in implementing Work Based Learning.  That experience truly changed my life (if you are on the fence about advising a CTSO....go for is life changing for students).  I am an ISU graduate and taught in Evansville, Indiana at North High School.  In this position, I taught two programs that had heavily integrated Work Based Learning components.  I absolutely loved teaching but also love my current position as State Program Leader for Work Based Learning and Family and Consumer Sciences.  

What I love about Work Based Learning is the relevance we provide for students.  I truly believe that what we teach is critical for students.  I also believe that Work Based Learning provides the experience students need to be successful in their future careers.  In my current position, my mission is to support you in the field.  Please let me know how I can help you work towards the goal of implementing effective work based learning strategies into your classroom, school, and community

I challenge you to share an introduction.  My goal is to have at least 10 introductions on this page.  I would love to learn more about what you do and love in Work Based Learning!

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Apply to share a session or poster presentation at IACTE September 19-20
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