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Buried Alive.

Now that the dirt of life has been poured, over me
six feet under lies the spirit of who I use to be.

The decomposition process of my emotions,
have already started.

And the formaldehyde of survival
could not preserve my heart, that I left so

Just a skeleton of my self-dignity remains.

For the maggots of my own demons has devoured
the flesh of my feelings, that this so called life
could not sustain.

Worms now fill the space where my precious
memories use to be.

A deep hole now lies filled up with
dried up tears cried just for me.

The foul stench of an infested soul.

The obituary of my failures has taken
an emotional toll.

So go ahead life and cover me up with
your shovel of deception.

 Weighed down by the weight
of my own self rejection.

But just know life, than in the end.

You will not win, because I did survive,
even though you buried me alive.

Disconnected Mind.

Mankind is the most complex form of existent, from his 
very start of creation.

His DNA and Genes are the very topic
Of moral and legal ligation

The  thinking of his disconnected mind
the words that he use's and his actions towards,
other's seems so unkind.

He has a hollow space where his heart should be
and ice water runs through his veins, where
warm blood use to be.

His very soul he rather sell to the devil his true
emotions he buries deep inside himself with
his own deceptive shovel.

A true alien of his own mind and body and nothing there
in his planet of life seem familiar there to him

His very chaotic thoughts haunts him
day and night and his patience is wearing thin.

Through all kinds of turmoil he realizes he's born
into his own world of sin.

He asks himself the question where I can go
To be alone?

Or turn on the radio station where I

Don't have to hear,
the same old song.

The shocks waves of his ignorance hides a massive attack
there's a true detonation of his soul
as his fears keeps running back.

How can he occupy the empty spaces of his mind
when all his thoughts come here to occupy his time?

But he wants us to think, that he is in full control but

He is not the master of his fate
nor is he the captain of his soul.

So when this twisted morsel of dust
stands before God on judgement day

Then all the demons of hell will 
laugh at him and say.

With a heavy heart he cries out
on this earth I know I 
done my time.

This is the punishment is what
you will receive because of your

Dsconnected mind.

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45 Things I Wish I Could Tell To My Younger Self

3) Patience and persistence ultimately pay off. But they usually do so very slowly.

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Today i got bullyed and it sucked

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