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Hello everyone! I am the leader of this community, please read all this.

Here's ALL the rules

. Share your opinion about this ship

. WistParri doesn't exist in this community

. Doesn't have to be Jisteria, can be any ship besides WistParri

. Don't be rude to others

. You can make pictures of badness of Wistparri

. You can curse

Here's the consequences if you break the rules:

. First time and second time you do it, you have a warning

. Third time you break the rules, all your rule-breaking messages will be deleted

Here's a Q&A:

Q: Why don't you ship WistParri?
A: I hate aparri

Q: Why do you ship Jisteria?
A: Watch some of Julian's and Wisteria's videos

Ask me questions if you want!

Any recommendations on what to do fanart on w/ Julian and Mia?

Maybe I should make jisteria art:) hey lynx for everyone can I buddie you on aj maybe?:)))

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I ship it!

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This is 100% true


WISTPARRI IS BEATING JISTERIA! We have to fight back because Wistparri is a bad ship

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I am hosting a Jisteria VS Wistparri war! Go on my real channel (LynxforeveryoneAJ) and watch it for more information!

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What I think of Wistparri

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Reality of trading~
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