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Hey newbies! Welcome to Brooklyn House. To get started, please do this fill-out.

Tomboy: (1-10)
Girly-girl: (1-10)
Path request:
Hieroglyph color:

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I found this stick on the ground. First thought? ITS A KHOPESH OHMYGODS!!!

Name: Starla war
Age: 16
Gender: female
Hair: black
Likes:Reading singing and dancing
Dislikes: being stared at because of her tattoos
Tomboy: 5
Girly-girl: 3
Path request: Anubis combat magic
Hieroglyph color: Black

Emily sat in her room. She had a book in her hand she also had her phone next to her with her headphones connected blasting music. She sat on her bed reading when.

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Name: Nathaniel Redbead (Nat is ok)
Gender: female
Hair: blue-black, wavy, long
Eyes: dark brown
Likes: books, drawing, black clothes, rock bands, the night, youtube, body art
Dislikes: bullies, relationships, cowardice, broccoli, racism, extremism, sexism, xenophobia
Tomboy: (1-10) 8.5
Girly-girl: (1-10) 1.1
Path request: i don't know yet....
Hieroglyph color: black or deep purple

I've noticed that there's been absolutely no activity on this community, and that's mostly my fault. Ideas on how to change that?

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Name: Raven Bolt
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Hair: Red and Curly
Eyes: blue
Likes: Books, drawing, practicing, the color black, looking at the night sky
Dislikes: Bullies, the color pink, being called weak
Girly-gir: 2
Path request: Nut
Hieroglyphics: Dark Purple

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[Just gonna post this again]
Name:Emily Green
Hair:brownish blackish dyes it at the tips and does streaks as well
Eyes: light blue green
Girly girl:0
Color: dark navy blue
Path request: Anubis
Eye: Anubis 
Extra: Kinda dark but is very sarcastic go with the flow and can be negative at times and does music 

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btw im making a new one since my other was deleted so here is a whole new charactor
Name: Silver Evens
Age: 15
Gender: Female.
Personality:, sarcastic, sassy, up in space (not litteraly)
Eyes: Purple
hair: Dark blue
Likes: blue, people, books,Darkness, death, dreary colors,
dislikes: yellow, anything you know pretty
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 Name: Walt faust
Age: 15
Gender: male
Hair: curly brown
Eyes: green with specks of gold
Likes: Guitar, violin, The Beatles, games with strategy
Dislikes:girly girls
Path: Horus
Eye: Horus
Hieroglyph color: blazing gold
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