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Pathetic? Well, that's funny because pathetic cats don't survive long. Count your self as pathetic then good luck living. If you die, oh well you gotta start over! Most people have that rule of 'ask permission before killing a Oc.' Well, not today! It's something different right? Yes, you don't need permission to kill a OC, but there are still some rules. So, shall we begin our survival?

Season Time *(Leafbare)*
1. No mating. Just, please, we may have young eyes and it's just best to keep it safe. This community is Warrior Cat (Cats) realistic, but that's not aloud. May be disturbing.

2. Don't need permission to kill a OC. If someone kills your OC don't be rude about it. It's just a role play and you can always use it in another community. You can always make another OC after that one.

3. No GOD modding or being OP (Over powered) I mean this is power playing and mouse brained. I do not except god modding or over powered Oc's. You don't need to be like; 'Slashed your Oc's throat and you slowly bleed then die.' A cat doesn't die that quickly. Be detailed.

4: Detailed. Just be detailed. When you're fighting don't make just A sentence.

5. OC LIMIT The Oc limit it three, unless you're a mod. A mod can have four Oc's. Owners can have five. Limited people can only have two oc's.

6. Respect! Respect and listen to the owners and mods. Respect the members as well. Don't start swearing or yelling at them Caps lock because your character dies.

7. EVILS AND GOODS Please, make good Oc's as well. Good characters can fight good as well and they can still kill. Evil oc's are excepted, but I'm just thinking people would make more evil then good characters. Just at least make one good character.

8. LEADERS Now, leaders are basically gods and and OP, but this is a Warrior Cats community and the leaders do have multiple lives. However, in (Human world) cats only have one. The max lives on a leader is five.

9. How to die? Having them drown,kit birth,starvation,disease, any kind of sickness,freezing,burning,twolegs, and any other type of death. Battles as well..

10. WHEN A OC DIES When a OC dies it's gone. I'll allow two OCs that you really loved to be in The Dark Forest or Starclan. However, there are no ghost or walking spirits.

11. If you have a Kit Oc it takes two weeks for them to be a apprentice.

12. If you have a Apprentice Oc it could be three weeks or more depending on the leader, until they make you a warrior.

13. Links At the end of the what the clan territory looks like please read the link.

14. Inactive leaders. If someone with a leader as a rank hasn't posted anything in two weeks or Isn't responding then I will put them down as 'Notice Cats'. If you're on notice (Isn't a good thing) It means I am deciding if I should take away your rank and let someone else have it. You can get off notice by being active again and posting. If you haven't tried and you're on notice I will have to take it away.


Marshclan lives in the swamp.
Leader: OPEN
Deputy: Open
(1) Medicine cat: Open
(1) Med. Apprentice: Open
Warriors: Willowheart, Cloverspirit (+Majlin Johnson), Fogflower (+Silveh storm),
Queens: Open
Apprentices: Open
Kits: Open
Watchers: Open

Blizardclan is mostly cold and is basically a Tagia.
Leader: Froststar (+Kittycat Wild9​​​​​​​)
Deputy: Open
(1) Shaman cat: Open
(1) Med. Apprentice: Open
Warriors: Nighthunter (+Jamie)
Apprentices: Blossompaw (+LillyRose33)
(8) Kits: Open

Coralclan lives on the beach side and is immune to certain type of diseases.
Chief: Lizardstar (+Majlin Johnson​​​​​)
Deputy: Open
Healing cat: Oceanlight (+Chuchupikachu TheGamer​​)
Haling. Apprentice: Open
Warriors: Sandspirit (+Chuchupikachu TheGamer​​​​​), Whitewing (Whitestorm), Shellhaze (+Kittycat Wild9)
Queens: Lillyshine (+Nyan Pixel)
Apprentices: Open
Kittens: Rosekit
(2) Wise ones: Open

Raggedclan lives in the mountains

Leader: Alderstar (+Chuchupikachu TheGamer​​​​​)
Commander: Open
(Closed) Medicine cat: Thistleheart (+Audrey​​​​​​​)
(2) Warriors: Kacie (+Serafade​​​​​), Badgerheart (+Coffee Creature​​), Open
Queens: Open
Apprentices: Open
Kits: Open
The useless: Open

Deathclan lives partly in a creepy forest and a abandoned old village.
Leader: Me (Shade)
Healer: Brokenmask (+Jamie Ener​​​​​​​)
Warriors: Milo (+Coffee Creature​​​​​​​),Open
Spies: Duskfang (+Doggiemon The Queen Of Dogos)
Learners: Open
Kits: Open

(2\5) Kittypets: Munchy (+Selene​​​​​​​), Ava (+CeestiaFan Forever​​​​​), open

Some people don't like to use profiles and I'm fine with that as long as you highlight the main information.

Profile must include:
A name
A rank
A gender
A clan
A personality
A bio
A family **Mother and father is just fine

If you want to use a template here you go


Nick Names:

Past Rank(s):









The map of the territories is here!

Welcome Leafbare!


Title: Time to Make a Move
Location: _Deathclan Territory _
Weather: Fair
Characters: Brokenmask and Shade
POV: Third Person
Status: _Closed to +Shade the Evil cat _
Brokenmask padded lightly through his territory. He receded into his thoughts as his muscles carried him fluently through the territory with ease. His mind multitasked as it automatically processed his surroundings and health and waited for a threat while he thought over what he would say to Shade. You.....

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Profile Template
Name: Brokenmask
Gender: Male
Clan: Deathclan
Rank: Healer
Former Clan: Raggedclan
Former Rank: Kit

Mother: Moonflower {Deceased}
Father: Unknown
Brothers: Lighteningpaw, Snarleye, Badgerbelly {Rumored to be Deceased}
Sisters: Vixenblaze, Wolfear, Tinywhisker {Rumored to be Deceased}
Crush: Shade {+Shade the Evil cat​}
Former Crush: None
Mate: None {Open}
Kits: None
Grandmother: Spottedtalon {Deceased}
Grandfather: Scorchfang {Deceased}
Foster Mother: None
Foster Father: None
Foster Brothers: None
Foster Sisters: None
Former Mates: None
Former Kits: None
Adopted Kits: None
Friends: None
Former Friends: None
Enemies: Marshclan, Blizzardclan, Coralclan, Raggedclan {Open}
Former Enemies: None

Other Facts
If you'd like to make his siblings, his father, his crush and/or mate, please ask me.
Likes: Darkness, fire, climbing trees, fighting.
Former Likes: Water, light.
Dislikes: Light, water.
Former Dislikes: Darkness, fighting.
Personality: Dark, cold, distant, serious.
Former Personality: Kind, happy, care free.
Biography: Brokenmask was born with 6 siblings, all older than him. He was destined to die in the world but instead, he lived. His father was never around and his mother was always kind. For months, he was shaped to be a kind little Tom cat till one day, his mother took him and his siblings out hunting. Instead of things going as planned, Deathclan cats pounced. You see, clan disputes were high at the time so when they were alone, they ambushed them. He didn't see what happened to his siblings but he thought they were killed. His mother was murdered in front of him. He cried and he was dragged away. His clan thought they were all dead. Instead, he was changed and made into the cat he is today.

Template: Me
Pictures: Gotten Off Of Google
2 Photos - View album

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·Courage, above all things, is the first quality of a warrior. -Carl Von Clausewitz

·Warriors are not born and they are not made..... Warriors create themselves through trail and error, pain and suffering, and their ability to conquer their own faults. -Unknown

·Warriors are not the ones who always win but the ones who always fight. -Unknown

·You must show no mercy....nor have any belief whatsoever in how others judge you....for your greatness will silence them all. -Warrior

·To be the best, you must be able to handle the worst. -Unknown

·Every failure is a lesson. If you are not willing to fail, you are not ready to succeed. -Unknown

·It's hard to beat a person who never gives up. -Babe Ruth

·Failure is not falling down but refusing to get up. -Chinese Proverb

Name: Nighthunter It was this or Whiteshadow (You'll only find this funny if you've seen the movie/parts of the movie Turbo) XD
Nick Names:
Gender: Female
Species: Feline
Breed: Terrific Turkish Van I think

Clan: Blizzard
Rank: Warrior
Past Rank(s): Apprentice, Kit


Mother: {Unknown/Open}
Father: Ravenclaw {Deceased}
Brothers: Mudstripe~Deceased {Open}
Sisters: Snowheart~Deceased {Open}
Uncle: {Unknown/Open}
Aunts: {Unknown/Open}
Nephews: {Unknown/Open}
Nieces: Asher {Open}
Other Relatives: {Unknown/Open}

Mate: {None-Open}
Kits: {None}
Friends: {None}
Enemies: {None}
Close Friends: Ash~Male~Warrior~Deceased{Closed}


Personality: Independent, distant, loyal, strong.

Likes: The snow, protecting, Blizzard Clan.
Dislikes: Fire, heat, being unable to protect when needed.

Bio: {Through Rp. Unless it is absolutely required.}

Art: #Vialir
Template: +Shade the Evil cat​​​​

geeeeeh no one has posted in years!!!!

Be active.

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Coral Clan Deputy Tryouts!!

LizardStar Is Looking For A Deputy!!! Any Cat That Is An Warrior In Coral Clan Can Tryout. You Must Already Have A Coral Clan Cat To Tryout

Art Not Mine

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+Kittycat Wild9
+Majlin Johnson
+Chuchupikachu TheGamer

Darkclan was already the first ones there. Shade looked down at all her warriors. She crossed her paws against a branch. Shd waited for the others.



"Doesn't matter about life or death. But about survival."

"Don't tell anyone, but I'm not here to hurt you."


Name: Duskfang
Former Name(s): Duskkit, Duskpaw
Future Name(s): Undetermined
Gender: Male
Gender Pronouns: Him, His, Hims, Sir
Age: 17 moons old
Sexuality: Straight
Sexuality Meaning: Liking the other gender
Clan: DeathClan
Former Clan(s): RaggedClan
Future Clan(s): Undetermined
Rank: Spy
Former Rank(s): Kit, Learner
Future Rank(s): Undetermined


Fur/Coat Color: His fur is different shades of dark-light black-gray, very light gray, light-dark gray, and white.
Body Type: Lean, Muscular, Very short, Masculine
Eye Color: Yellow, with hints of amber
Paw Pad Color: Black
Nose Color: Brown
Birthmark(s): Two oval-like dots above his eyes
Scar(s)/Disability(ies): Some near his left eye, some near his lower chest area, and uppermost part of right leg
Accessories: None at the moment

/Family & Relationships/

Mother: Faclonfoot
Father: Pantherclaw
Brother(s): None
Sister(s): None
Adoptive Siblings: None
Other Kin: None
Former Mentor: Adderlight
Present/Future Learner(s): None at the moment
Former Crush: None
Present Crush(es): None, open (Must develop through role-play)
Mate: None (Must be crush first)
Kit(s): None
Friend(s): None, open
Former Friend(s): None
Best Friend(s): None (Must be friend(s) first)
Former Best Friend(s): None
Enemy(ies): None, open
Former Enemy(ies): None
Nemesis(ses): None (Must be enemy(ies) first)
Former Nemesis(ses): None







Art/Photo Credit:
Actor/Actress Voice:
Theme Song:

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