This place looked lonely. I thought I'd join. I'll post when I can. I have anxiety too. I can empathize with this,... and you. I've also been bullied, gone emo (still kind of am), and felt like the girl in the "1+ or share" post with the gun. I understand. I also commonly feel as lonely as this group a moment before a second person (me) joined.

I don't really know you, but occasionally I scroll a bit on someone's profile who's come up in posts or comments and just try to feel surrounded by more than just air in a room empty of someone to talk to or relate to. Sometimes I can relate to someone when I start scrolling, and that's when I scroll a little further.

That's part of my night. :/

Soon morning will come, and I'll have no service until mid afternoon. Hopefully I'll have a bearable or maybe good day. I hope yours is good too.
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