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6 ways to Boost Your E-commerce Business via Digital Marketing

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 Happy Valentine!

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I'm doing a Free google hangout on air on - Presentation Skills - Top 7. 
Friday at 1 pm. 20min. Click to register 

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Dear everyone in and around the presentation industry,

We are a startup with a mission to provide BETTER INTERACTION BETWEEN THE PRESENTER AND ITS AUDIENCE by the power of technology - whatever form of live presentations, sessions, lectures, classes or events it may be related to.

We would like to ask EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONALS AND STAKEHOLDERS LIKE YOU to reveal your FEEDBACK, needs and key insights regarding the topic and our planned solution.

Please help us by taking this short survey that won’t take more than 4-5 minutes. Of course we will handle all answers confidential and analyse data anonymously, not revealing them to third parties either.

Thank you very much in advance.

Please click on the link to get started: 

The Sopreso Team

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¿Empleas  muchas diapositivas en tus presentaciones? ¿Eres de los que quiere contarlo todo? ¿Haces diapositivas abigarradas? ¿Llenas de texto? Stop. Párate. Tu audiencia necesita un descanso y tú necesitas el protagonismo que te está robando PowerPoint.

Tu audiencia estará tan absorta en la pantalla que se olvidará del ponente. Para recuperar su atención coloca una diapositiva en negro.
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