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Stay Safe and STAY INSIDE this weekend.

The whole state of South Dakota is under blizzard storm warnings. Events are being postponed and cancelled, it is simply too dangerous to move about.

Currently, 'west river' (west of the Missouri River for non-Dakotans) has 10 inches of snow and it hasn't stopped falling.

'East river' hasn't just received heavy rain, but has been pelted with hail. This hail is sticking to the roads and streets, making them very icy and extremely slippery.

Lots more bad weather is on the way. This is going to be the worst storm South Dakota has seen in 25 years. Blizzard conditions are reported or on the way.

Be Careful, just stay home!

Even the most important #IFL game of the regular season for the Sioux Falls Storm has been postponed ( see the announcement on the IFL website:…/fball/2017-18/releases/20180413svmp2p
). The Storm battle the Arizona Rattlers at home on Monday night, April 16th at 6:05 pm (instead of today, Saturday, at 7:05 pm). The two teams are currently tied for first place in the IFL (both with , though the Rattlers have beaten the Storm in their home stadium in Glendale, AZ.

It is important that the Sioux Falls Storm secure their position as the best the Indoor Football League after losing their IFL championship to the Rattlers last year, and the two team's first meeting this year. The Storm has to answer the Rattlers with a win of their own, as well as a better regular season record, just to bring the United Bowl back to Sioux Falls this year.

Once my son had shown me that the Storm game was rescheduled tonight, I went to get us a couple of cheaper tickets before they were all sold out (and I was lucky enough to get a couple, though they are not even close to each other). Although the trip there was simply wet, after getting the tickets, I was pelted with tiny gravel-sized hail. By the time I turned from West Ave onto 12th Street, the streets were coated with hail that was creating a thin icy film on the road and was simply stuck there.

Upon finally arriving at home, even the sidewalks, and especially our wooden porch, was so coated in ice that simply walking was dangerous.

To top that off, the temperature is falling, and the larger pebble-sized hail stones were still in abundant piles within shaded areas from the early morning hail storm.

Don't get crazy, Stay Home! The game is postponed until Monday the 16th, and there are no reasons left to be traveling tonight or tomorrow. Give snow removal crews a wide berth, let them clean up the streets and roads after it is over before heading out again, as well.

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Since you're stuck inside tonight and tomorrow due to the snow & ice storm/blizzard, help Brandon Valley out with their NHL dreams...


Only the top 4 remain! Vote for your favorite now as they face off for the chance to host an NHL Pre-Season game & more.

Vote for Brandon, SD before 10am on Saturday, April 14th, 2018, so that they can host an NHL pre-season game at the Denny Sanford Premiere Center in Sioux Falls!

#HockeyvilleUSA #Contest #GoBrandon!

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The sun sets behind the trees on the north bank of the Big Sioux River as 2 kayakers make their way down the lazy river towards the falls that are the namesake of the city (of Sioux Falls).

Photo credit: Doug Peters; taken with a Pixel XL after sundown (dusk) on the footbridge between the Nolin Greenway at Pasley Park (south of the river) and the paved bike/hiking/skating Greenway section of Tuthill Park (north of the river). Photo Copyright Doug Peters (https://Dougs.Work or and released as CC0 freeware to share freely.

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I shared this little 3 frame animation on Facebook, so here it is again.

This is Augustana University, the administration building.

I'm not real happy with this school, as my wife reports to me that they have cut her salary dramatically, and even though they have promised her more money later (somehow), they made her sign a contract that cut her salary in half as a violin & viola instrument teacher.

These instructors bring new music students to the college and get no credit for it. Although the pay for is a part-time position, my wife's work has been exemplorary (she is classically trained in Europe and is not only a great musician, but a fantastic teacher).

My wife gets no real medical benefits and pays her own health insurance, and the old annual salary doesn't even cover that bill. These instrument instructors are good, my wife among the best, and deliver by working well with the students by optimizing their student's efforts and what they put into their work.

In the meantime, I am one class (3 foreign language credits) short of my degree. That's right, just shy of graduating with a B/A, but they never have any classes I can sit in on to learn in the interim or summer programs (for nearly 20 years, now).

I took this set of photos the day before, thinking how proud that my family was continuing here (my father and mother graduated Augustana, as well as many other relatives, and my aunt Clara Lee and her husband (my uncle Earl Lee) were both professors here that are still held in high honor.

I'm not looking for a hand-out, just a way to learn what I need to get my degree.

Anyway, I thought the animation was cool for a day. Augustana University is in Sioux Falls, South Dakota (2101 S. Summit Ave, I believe).
Animated Photo

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The first three photos are scenes you can view from walking or biking along the Yankton Trail Park fast BMX/mountain/trail bike path on the east entrance that follows the river. People walking/biking/skating the paved asphalt path (closer to the soccer fields just outside the tree line) won't even see these views.

The last three photos are scenes from the Spencer Park trail area on the other side of Minnesota Ave. The last two photos were actually taken on the bridge between the Spencer Park trail and Tomar Park. There are places with easy access where you can land kayaks and canoes in many of the riverside parks.

I am releasing these images as CC0 freeware images (only these particular ones from the series of shots I took, though). They remain Copyright Doug Peters 2017, taken with a Google Pixel XL on July 14th, 2017 (evening).
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Sioux Falls JazzFest 2017. They play more rockabilly style stuff in the early shows, so that's when I show-up, early evening. Here are a few photos from the free concert (stage 1 of a 2 stage event).

Note, they do charge $10.00 to park your car in the park, but if you can find a place outside of Yankton Trail Park you can walk in and then it is free. Or bike there, as the city bike trail runs along the Big Sioux River and Yankton Trail Park is right on the river.

I am releasing these images as CC0 freeware images (only these particular ones from the series of shots I took, though). They remain Copyright Doug Peters 2017, taken with a Google Pixel XL on July 14th, 2017.
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The Dakota Access Pipeline threatens to poison the underground fresh water for us all. Well, guess what? It has already sprung a leak not 20 miles away from the protest site.

All Pipelines leak! This is now officially 100% proven true.
The Dakota Access Pipeline has sprung a leak approximately 20 miles from the original protest campgrounds. The leak endangers the largest underground fresh water aquafir in North America, possibly even the largest in all of the western hemisphere, which extends from Texas to Canada.

This aquafir feeds rural fresh water wells in Canada, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Missouri and Texas.

This is the deliberate corporate poisoning of Midwest America by the #GOP.

The Republicans don't give a shit about you or I and this proves it.

Looks like there are a couple people waiting for their memberships to be approved, only right now my PC is dead and I am trying an iPhone out due to the #Note7Recall.

I can't seem to locate any user interface path to approve new memberships on the #iPhone6Plus, at all.


If anyone knows the trick iOS users have to use to see new membership applicants, please let me know, ASAP.

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Ducks at the top of the falls...
Animated Photo

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Every Saturday in the summer, at late afternoon and early evening, there is a car show at the local Hardee's on Minnesota Avenue, in Sioux Falls. This is a regular event, though there are lots of other big car shows at different towns, as well. Canton, SD, has a big one every year that runs down main street. Wakonda, SD, holds a 120 car classic auto auction every year (this year will be the 15th annual auction). We love cars, motorcycles and trucks.
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