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A few hints for those requesting membership in the Comunity:

1. Obvious bots are obvious. You will be denied.
2. We look at profiles. Have public posts to show you are not a bot.
3. Seeing the same public post (typically the same photo/ad/spam) constantly in your profile does not help your case if you are non-bot. Show some damn variety.
4. I have no problem with non-English-speaking posts/members, but keep in mind that the vast majority of bot accounts are Arabic or Vietnamese. Those languages will likely face deeper scrutiny.

Thank you. Have a nice day!

Worst Secret Rare in a regular Booster Pack? (no Gold Series,Hidden Arsenals etc)

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Pulls from yesterday from three packs of Star Pack.
Some new pulls from Star Pack.

Ban Negate Attack

Thoughts on RANK10YGO?

Yugituber rating scale:
10- only one can be this high.
9- a couple nines are allowed. Basically perfect with only one flaw that isn't even really a flaw.
8- these yugitubers have like one thing that u don't like but it's not that big an issue
5-7- these yugitubers are good in small doses. But not worth your time to watch all their content.
2-4- these yugitubers have one good quality, and put out maybe one good video a year.
1- this person should only have one subscriber: their mom. Everyone else is just robots.

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Don't let this distract you from the real problem that one of your loved ones may be diagnosed with mesothelioma.

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So this is a thing

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Me during the solar eclipse today

So something I've been wondering about for a little while now concerning two cards no-one probably plays:

What happens if The Wicked Avatar and Zushin the Sleeping Giant were to battle? Which would win? Would either win? Would it even be legal to have the two battle?

NOTE: this is about those two without any other cards.

Edit: oh my slifer the wicked gods. I had so many slifing typing errors in this thing.

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Another shitty gadgets deck
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