I'd like to imform u, that if you see that I posted a chapter then suddenly Lily posted it, its cause we are the same person, that account is where I have my warrior cat fandom and such and this is the other stuff.

Coco went out of the barn seeing an island sorta near the barn. She went to it, crossing on to it. She saw a big tree in the center and smelled a faint trace of many many other cats. Coco then went over to the grassy hills and walked slowly beside the lake. She was getting near a forest area when she heard other cats, up the hill. Looking up she saw them come down the hill. Well who do we have here said one cat. Looks like a trespassing cat said the other. Leave now said the first cat. I'll walk where I please. Well then we'll force you to leave one of the cats said starting to smile. Before Coco knew it a cat was on top of her, feeling claws on her back. She stumbled up, not knowing how to fight she got a clumsy hit to one of their ears. One of the cats jumped back at her, feeling claws on her back again. Knowing she wouldn't beat this battle, not even by chance, she ran. Coco ran through the grass, tripping in the stream. She looked back seeing them stopping but not seeing where she was going, she ran into a tree. Blacking out she heard faintly a few cats. Hey look a cat said one. Should we help it? another said. It looks dead to me said a smaller one. Lets get it back to camp said the first. But what if it attacks said the other older cat. You think a cat that is injured and unconscious would attack.? asked the first cat. Okay fine we'll take it back to camp. That was all she heard before she fell unconscious.

"Inside their clan are different groups. Queens and kits, Apprentices, who follow their mentors instructions, Warriors, who are the mentors, one Medicine cat with their apprentice, Deputy, second in charge, and the Leader." "What do the medicine cats do?" Coco asked, very interested. "They use herbs to heal the rest of the clan, they also get to talk to StarClan, no other cats can do that but the medicine cat and medicine cat apprentice." "Could I be a medicine cat apprentice?" "I'm not sure but if your heart says you want to be it so very badly you just might. I should also tell you that they have territories, and they might attack you or they might take you to their leader." "Oh I do not want to be attacked" Coco shook at the thought of it. "Well just hope they don't spot you." "Thank you for the information Floss, goodbye now" She flicked her tail showing goodbye then padded out the door of the barn. "Be careful Coco." He meowed after her. "I will, thank you" She meowed back, then walked away.

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Her name is Coco, she wishes to be a medicine cat apprentice, after Floss told her about the medicine cats. She has a bit of a sad past but is always cheerful. She respects all the older cats, trying very hard not to disappoint them. She is an apprentice if you haven't figured it out already.

 Coco walked up to a ridge, looking over a vast lake. She looked down for a place to rest, seeing a barn. She walked down to it and stuck her head inside. "Hello? Is any cat in here?" "Yes come in" said a cat from inside. Coco walked inside, her eyes adjusting to the darkness, she saw one cat, the cat who invited her in. "Come lye down, you seem like you have been walking for ages." He said. "I have" meowed Coco. "Well then come lye down on the hay, your welcome to catch some mice too, there are plenty." "Thank you" she said as she started to drift into sleep. Coco woke up in a grassy valley, getting up she saw a small den, looking inside she gasped. "Mother.. father.. th.. that was when I was a kit.." She looked seeing herself, small, running about, her small self jumped up onto a bigger cat, fur pure white. "Snow.." Coco whispered. She saw that the image was fading and with a start she woke back up in the barn. She got up, and quickly got a small mouse, eating it in a few gulps. Feeling looking eyes at her she turned around and saw the cat she met before. "Your awake" he meowed. "Yea, what's your name?" Coco asked. "I'm Floss, and what's your name?" "I am Coco" she meowed to him. "I need to go, thank you for welcoming me but I should keep going." "Where are you going?" he asked. "I don't know yet, just where ever the wind takes me." "Well i'd like to tell you there are clans out there" "What are clans?" Coco asked, sitting down. "They are a group of cats who follow two things, the Warrior Code and a bunch of spirit cats in the sky, called StarClan.' 

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