Do you guys know how to put google apps on websites such as hangout,youtybe,gmail,ect.

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For anyone who use emberJs to create a webapp, here is my simple solution to outsource ember-templates and partials in separated html-files.
The magic is only a few lines of javascript, but i couldn't find a similar solution anywhere on the net and i searched long for a simple way to do that. So i made a little example for interested ...

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Hi everyone, I'm Yash and im looking for programers, i'm inviting people from different communities to put them under the hood and i find this community.
We will get enough members in a month and will ask to all for different ideas for project, then we will vote for that ideas and after that we will create a project. There will be beginners, nerds, Experts. We need u guys for web side coding. There will be lots of fun and learning.
If you are interested here is Our's card:
Thanks for Consideration :)
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