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Name: Chiyo Nakada
Class: Blacksmith
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Personality: Chiyo tends to keep her distance from other people. If a customer comes, she will say as little as possible. She'll repair the weapon, return it to the customer, and get paid, no questions asked. She tends to be blunt, and states her opinion whether it hurts others or not. And she doesn't like to apologize. 
History: Chiyo learned the trade of the blacksmith from her father. Her mother was never in her life, and she doesn't care if she meets her mother or not. The only person Chiyo had ever cared for was her father, and he passed away when she turned twelve. Ever since, she has run the shop on her own, speaking to almost no one but the customers.
Likes: Weapons, being alone, getting paid, the shop.
Dislikes: Customers trying to cheat off her, nosy people, being asked too many questions, crowds.
Extra: Chiyo is a very good fighter, but she chose not to be an explorer. It's not that she was afraid. She just doesn't like people, and exploring meant a guild. So she chose to become a blacksmith.

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~Blacksmith's Shop~

Chiyo said:

Oi. You there. Yes, you. I'm not interested in having a little chat, so I'm going to state this quickly. After that, you leave me alone unless you're interested in buying a weapon. Got it?
If you're going to be a customer here, then you have to follow these basic rules:

1)Don't talk to me unless absolutely necessary.
2)Don't bug me if I'm working. If you need something, write a note and come back later.
3)If you order something, you better have the money to pay for it. I don't tolerate people who try to cheat off me and get free repairs. If you don't have the money, then that's just too bad for you. No money, no weapon.
4) If you have your weapon and you've paid, GET OUT. I don't need idiots hanging around without any purpose.

Got that? Because I'm not repeating myself.
I only offer a few services here. If I don't offer what you need, then go away. I don't tolerate idiots hanging around my shop and not buying anything.

 Swords, daggers, axes, you name it, I can craft it. But if you want anything special done to your weapon like, say, your initials imprinted on the handle, you have to pay extra.

 I only made plain shields with varying shapes. If you want any engravings, you pay extra. If you want it painted, screw off and find someone else. I'm not a painter.

I make pre-made armor you can buy and customized armor made to fit you. However, customized is a little more expensive. And as before, anything special is extra.

I'll repair your armor, weapons, and shields. Anything that you purchased from me will be cheaper than other blacksmiths' creations.

You got all that? Good. Now, if you're not going to buy anything, go away.

A large, "HELP WANTED, ESCORT" sign, along with a list of requirements, which are fairly simple, an adventurer with guts and a weapon, would be hung up in front of his store
Seto, himself, would be tending to it, wiping down the tables as he waited, waiting to serve any customer who ventured inside his place

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Name : Kousuke Seto (Prefers to be called "Seto")
Class : ?Shopkeeper?/Peasant
Age : 16
Gender : Male.
Personality : A kind hearted, peppy person, which, is visible through his actions. Often wanders off to explore, leaving his shop that he owns unattended. Which, usually is the reason why it's closed alot of the time. Also has a very strong liking for animals, often talking to them and running off at the sight of one.
Likes : Animals, animals, animals, nature, socializing with people.
Dislikes : Any destruction of any sort to nature or animals, using his ability (on humans), criminals.
Extra : Has the ability to activate uncanny ability to communicate to animals and know people on the spot with his eyes.

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                                            [STORE DETAILS]
                                       [ "Kousuke's Ai Boken" ]
Oi oi oi-ssu~!
Welcome welcome! To the Kingdom of Etria!
I am one of your many many shopkeepers that inhabit this Kingdom of ours! But wait, you need to know some major things before you enter, correct? Well, let me jot some things down for ya~ I hope I'm one of the first shops you visit! Oh, and, fair warning, I love to explore and discover you see! And, well, animals. So, I might be distracted... alot. And so you might find the store closed... alot.
One: For the civies! Well... for everyone! I specialize in growing and selling flowers! I'm a nature person, you see! Not really a fighter. If you ever need flowers for the beauty of your home, or flowers for the beauty of your life~, then come come! I'll find something just for you!
Two: For the people who lives life on edge! Or who are already tipping over it! I utilize many of the plants I harvest for medicinal uses also! Whether you need that extra little boost, or need to clean up some open wounds, come by, come by. I'll patch you right up! I'm available to patch up one of your buddies in case he... well, in case he comes across a little incident. But, I must warn you. The plants I use for those kinds of emergencies are quite rare. So, I might have to charge you grandly, or you might have to leave him here and go pick some for me.
Three: Weapons... you see. I'm not a big fan of these. So I keep little around. Nor am I one to know how to preserve or keep a weapon in good condition. So... they come cheap. They come rusty. And they go fast. Watch out, it might break.
Four: I'm quite the person to speak to myself! Possibly if you're someone who's looking to mend their heart with someone's, or have their hearts mended because of someone, come to me! Need tips or need to know you're way around the Kingdom? Come to me! Got animal issues? Bring that sucker over here and we'll discuss the problem. Me and it. You might not believe me, but I can talk to animals, you know~ So, my service myself that I can provide is a mini-psychiatrist! Always here for those aching, needy customers.
Five: Part-Time Job. Need work? I do need the help. One spot is open as of right now, and that's just cleaning up the place. I can tend to the animals myself. Maybe when time progresses, I can trust others to even... run the store for me. If they can.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand that's it! Welcome welcome! All of you! To this Grand Kingdom! Let Adventure not swallow you in it's shiny treasury trap of despair and malice! Instead, let it be an experience. A somewhat harsh, deadly one! With things to discover and tales that has yet to be spun.
I hope I become a big part of your adventure by offering you with my services.
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