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Name: Grâce Brûlante (Burning Grace)
Type: Fire/Flying
Pokémon: Talonflame
Gender: Female
Age ( human years): 20
Fan made Or Canon: Canon Pokemon, Fanmade Character
Level: 40
Moves: Brave Bird, Flame Charge, Agility
Descriptive Appearance: She’s a hawk, but on fire!
Appearance: She looks like your average Talonflame, but she has a split in her main head feather.
Personality: She normally seems brash, rude, and a hothead. Until you get to know her, then she’s kinder, a fierce competitor, and one to always look out for her friends.
Likes: Spicy food, watching fires, flying, fellow fliers
Dislikes: Water type attacks, sour food, being cooped up, dropping prey
Height: 3′ 11″
Weight: 54 lbs
Mate: N/A
Crush(s): None
Crusher(s): None that she knows of
Kids: N/A
Mother: Amour Brûlant (Burning Love)
Father: Rage Brûlante (Burning Rage)
Sister(s): N/A
Brother(s): N/A

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nxt pfp
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plz this

i once was wlking on route 1 when i saw a zoua it leg was
broken so i ran it to the nearest pokemon center
and after that it wanted to be my partner so now we take on every jym and every trile so we can become the best

serena lets play a game together ill give you my

3ds frinde code if you give me yours

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how dose he mega evolve without a trainer

Wat is sexuality when you make your character

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Nickname: Kiba
Age: 10
Gender: male
Species: axew, the tusk Pokemon
Ability: mold breaker
Moves: dual chop, iron tail, counter, night slash
Level: 13
Type: dragon
Nature: Adamant
Personality: childish, competitive, not too smart, stubborn
Sexuality: asexual
Likes: competition, a good joke, fruit smoothies
Dislikes: people who are no fun, any kind of cold at all, anyone who mistreats others, druddigons
Bio: when he was five his parents were killed and he was put into slavery by druddigons. He was beat and eventually sold because he refused to work. However everyday he trains to be strong enough to escape. One day he was sold to a rather weak one and managed to come out of slavery. His biggest fear is that they will return for him but he doesn't like to talk about his time as a slave.

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(This community needs more profiles. I also wanted to make another character)

Shiny Umbreon
Theme song:
Name: Moon
Gender: Male
Pokemon: Shiny Umbreon
Type: Dark
Level: 26
Sexuality: Straight

Shadowball (Power) 90 (Acc.) 100
Giga Impact (Power) 150 (Acc.) 90
Hyperbeam (Power) 150 (Acc.) 90
Doubleteam (Power)

Quick Attack

Personality: Quite,mysterious,sly,sad ( kinda ),lonely

Theme song:
Name: Meowth Gem
Nickname: Meowth
Gender: Male
Pokemon: Meowth
Type: Normal
Level: 10
Trainer: None
Sexuality: Straight

Slash (Power) 70 (Acc.) 100
Shadow Claw (Power) 70 (Acc.) 100
Night Slash (Power) 70 ( Acc.) 100
Bite (Power) 60 (Acc.) 100

Quick Attack

Personality: Sly,clever,loyal ( to friends),slick,jokster
Likes: Poke food,Tv,yarn balls

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Nickname: Bubbles Don't ask
(This isn't on the template but Gender: Female)
Species: Bubble Jet Pokemon
Ability: Water Absorb
~Hidden Ability: Hydration
~Acid Armor (Poison)
~Aurora Beam (Ice)
~Last Resort (Normal)
~Hydro Pump (Water)
Level: 86
Type: Water
Nature: I'm guessing this is like the instinct personality Bubbles is sleek. She is really cautious around any electric pokemon, unless it is a Jolteon. Jolteons are okay. Bubbles likes swimming and likes to help other pokemon.And she has a friend Ponyta.
Personality: Bubbles is curious for a Vaporeon but is also shy. So, she wants to know stuff but she doesn't tallk When Bubbles gets angry, she looks a little mad (her eyes glow weirdly) That's all I could think of, sorry
Sexuality: Straight
Likes: Water and Ice tyoe pokemon, swimming, talking, eating
Dislikes: humans, (is very cautious about) electric type pokemon,
Bio: Bubbles was originally trained by a pokeon trainer. However, the trainer was cruel to her, and she ran away. Now, she hates humans and never wants to be trained again...though the human did train her al the way to level 85...
Other: She has a friend, Ponyta

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Nickname: Flara
Species: Fire Horse Pokemon
Ability: (SPECIFICALLY) Flashfire, Runaway, (Hidden Ability) Flame Body
~Agility (Psychic)
~Fire Blast (Fire)
~Bounce (Flying)
~Flare Blitz (Fire)
Level: 78
Type: Fire
Nature: Flara has the instinct to run very fast from predators. She is also good at jumping. She seems awkward around Water type pokemon except Bubbles, who is her friend.
Personality: Flara gets overly excited about things but is happy. She likes racing and jumping around things.
Sexuality: Straight
Likes: Running and Jumping
Dislikes: Swimming and Sitting still
Bio: Flara found the Starstruck guild when she was running around one day. She decided to join and she made herself at home.
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