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It's not much at the moment, but it is 100% Eiffel-based with a Rapid App-dev framework being used to build it!

It's an EXE with its own HTTPD 1.1 compliant web-server built in.

No fuss, no muss, no setup, no special folders, or nothing like it. Plain and simple.

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Lovin' EWF! I have been enabled and facilitated in the web-world! Look out folks—Eiffel is about to make a rather large noise!

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check dis out

There is a new library in town!

User GUI Text Control Masking (e.g. Masking Library)

You can find it at:

We want you to pay special attention to one primary feature of this library: It's documentation! It was our chief desire to provide you all with a library that is useful, reusable, and quickly LEARNABLE! Towards this goal—I will NOT belabor you with a description of the library, but let it speak for itself.

Please—DO let us know your feedback about either the library or its documentation. We are happy to answer questions, make changes to the code or library as we can and as makes sense. The library is OPEN SOURCE and FREE for you to use in your own projects. You can contribute as you like and want. Just send me a pull request.

Finally—the library is stable within our project code and we have found no need for changes to it based on our beta users and their feedback so far. However, that is not to say the library is a finished work, but is a work-in-progress. We will be making changes as the need arises in our own code and then transferring that work to the Open Source version whenever we can. There are some serious refactor points that are pointed out in the documentation. You will find those rather quickly and easily.

Again—we are happy to provide this library to you and hope you enjoy it, learn from it, and find opportunity for reusing it. Your feedback (good, bad, or whatever) is highly prized and welcome. Please feel free to communicate!

Larry Rix
Jinny Corp.
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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An Eiffel program created with EiffelStudio, compiled to JavaScript and running into a Web Browser (client side). Click the link to see it running.

You want to test it, see my howto here:

P.S.: I have just tested with Firefox and Chrome.

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I shared this already with Jocelyn, but perhaps it is best shared here as well:

1. I was able to Fork the GitHub project and then place it downstream into my own GitHub account, getting all the way down to my local.
2. I then attempted to load and clean compile each ECF file, but hit a failure on void_safety="all" in all of the *-safe.ECF projects. The fix for this (on my Win8.1 system) was to change each project to void_safety="transitional" and clean compile again. This worked and now all ECF projects are loading and compiling for me without any failures.
3. Javier and I chatted briefly, and he suggested either the gewf project task or the documentation. I may take up both tasks, but will start with some documentation where the goal is to learn EWF well enough to start gewf and then continue both in tandem. I have recruited some local help here in Savannah from a young person who is interested in learning Eiffel and contributing, especially to the EWF project due to the web and mobile nature of the project. So, I will move forward with that as well. Besides -- having this person on-board also gives me motivation to stay focused and not let the work go stale.


Your feedback as a group is welcome!

P.S. -- I do have the masking library code ready to go. I am just waiting for some website that I have heard of from Vic Wheeler by way of Laurent that will be a hub of Eiffel projects. So, as soon as that is up and running, I will be releasing the masking library into the open source wild! :-)

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Take a look at these demo's and give me feedback if you think EWF is up to the task of doing demo's like them. If so, I will need a little guidance, but am happy to code them up.

Also, I want to know how to deploy my shiny new EWF code to the Internet. That would be handy as I am a complete novice/newbie on how to get that task done.
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