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Hello guys I know it's been a while since I been on the communitys but unfortunately I don't have a computer again but I have ordered a Windows 7 Usb Flash Drive for my computer so that way I can uninstall Server 2016 And get my Win 10 Back and upgraded

IMPORTANT: please know that I am no longer active on here ty for the support

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And my little cute mr buddy

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Hello! I know it seems like this community is dead. And i feel that way a bit myself. So if you guys could just keep posting on a good amount or juat a little bit, that would be great.

Guys, I have no interest in the subject of this community, so I need to say goodbye.
(not in a mean way, im just not interested in this subject)

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This song is so Tigerstar XD

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When warriors are showing their aprentisis to hunt and then they deside to scare them.
Scared dog funny cat
Animated Photo
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