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You guys asked for more. Here it is. 

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Going to be doing Team Deathmatch on Modern Combat 5: Blackout for an hour and anyone is invited to come play. Just join my Squad. The name is Tru Alphas. I'll be logged on starting at 4pm Eastern Time. Hope to see you guys here with me. I might even get a chance to live stream the whole thing. If I don't get that chance I will definitely put out a highlight video afterwards. I've had people asking me to play with them. This is the first of more events to come.

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Guild battles are back and on top of that I'm summoning the new Transcendence scroll (Nat 5 Guaranteed). Let's see what I get. Like, Share, and Subscribe for more. 

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Have not posted here in 13 days! Super Mario Run is out. However you can't play it offline. It's a fun game and I would buy it but $9.99. But not if there is no way to play it offline.
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Have not been promoting games cause of the SAG/AFTRA strike. Once it's ends I'll return to posting gaming content.  #PerformanceMatters  

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Mercenaries Saga2
Rideon Japan,Inc.
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Way to go Mr and Mrs Jay Soldier.. Brought Miki to tears... WOW!!!! by the way my birthday just passed, and is coming up again... Lol

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Game: Bloons Supermonkey 2
Creator: ninja kiwi
Type: Action

Endless legions of colorful bloons in outlandish shapes and patterns are invading Monkey Town and only Super Monkey can stop them! Equip dozens of powerful weapons, unlock never-before-seen Super Monkeys, and use dozens of screen-clearing powerups to pop every bloon and achieve a perfect diamond ranking.

Google Play:

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Super Mario Run
12.15.2016 release(PT) for iPhone and iPad

Mario constantly runs forward, while you time your taps to pull off stylish jumps and moves to gather coins and reach the goal!

For $9.99 in the United States, you can play all six Worlds (1-1 to 6-4) You will not be required to make additional payments after you purchase the game.

*You can download and enjoy a portion of the game for free. Price includes all taxes where applicable.
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