I'm trying to lose weight and I wanna water fast.... does anybody have any tips or suggestions that I can use to lose weight the fastest?

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Day 12 consisted of deeper opening and a breaking down of walls against intimate heart connection. I realized I need to stay in my hometown to finish my unfinished business: healing, personal growth, and transformation. It is quite powerful to be pulled back into the very place you've been running from for 10 years! Have you ever been sucked back into the place/emotion/person/experience you were escaping from? https://mytrendingstories.com/article/water-fasting-series-day-12-heart-opening-unfinished-business-complete-honesty-expectation-styles-and-pampering/

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Here's a bit about my fasting experience last year in Hawaii. I took on a 45-day coconut water, water-only, and juice fast. I realize fasting can be a powerful tool for transformation and healing, but may not be safe and healthy for everyone. It has a special place in my journey nonetheless. https://mytrendingstories.com/article/water-fasting-series-previous-fasting-experience/

I just started a new blog for my water fasting journey. I'll be updating daily! If anyone is interested in following please visit
Can't wait to see you there!

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Hello! My name is Bob and I am on a water fast. Follow me live here:
Please share your comments, questions, answers , thoughts... -Bob

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