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MyHistory can help you to manage your photos and videos in purpose to record “The story of your Life”!

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My History is an application that gives users the chance to record the story of one's life. Every individual's history comprises the most significant life events and the people related to them. Turn all these events into memories and add the people who were with you in those special moments. The application is strictly private and nothing is shared in the social media. Create an account, add your dearest people and make your history.
Specifically, MyHistory users are able to:
- Create his/her personal PROFILE and customize the application.
- Enter profiles of his/her closest PEOPLE to form a personal circle of ties.
- Record notable MEMORIES with sought content and add photos and videos.
- Mark memorable dates as special OCCASIONS and get periodic reminders of their next occurrence.
- Create Backup and store the data wherever thought safer.
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