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Glyph Drill Down: The Relationship Between Glyphs and Shards

Welcome to the Glyph Drill Down Roundtable. These weekly examinations of glyph phrases. If you are interested in joining in, please let me know in the comments. This is Faction/Level agnostic. ~@GaanEden

Glyphs are a memetic language imparting concepts to influence the human mind. In this Roundtable, we will discuss the following:

The Relationship Between Glyphs and Shards

Is there a relationship between glyphs and shards? Why were glyphs in the Recursion Artifact shards of the Helios anomaly? Have all the glyphs displayed been integrated into the portals messages? If not, why haven’t they?

The Recursion artifacts, 17 glyphs, and the Helios artifacts, 40 glyphs, mostly emerged in our scanner. Most of them have been known before. For example the glyph adapt was first drawn by Tycho. Glyphs like Mystery, Legacy, and Knowledge emerged since the discovery of the Techthulu. But glyphs like worth still remain.

I’ve always recognized these glyph shards as XM artifacts which in combination with primal objects could cause the anomalies by themselves. I ask myself if a very powerful anomaly is needed to activate the glyphs within the portal network.

@Ishira / Resistance
I am not well versed in the former use of glyphs so this was an interesting drill down for me as I had to study a bit for it. I have always felt there is a relationship between Glyphs and each anomaly and in studying for this discussion I found that most anomalies in different ways have glyphs involved.

Even before glyphs came into our scanners they have been used in so many different ways and from what I can see, represent what is going on at the time. I would say there is a relationship between the shards and glyphs though it’s not entirely clear why other than glyphs can have power if used right. The shard glyphs seem to connect and closely relate to the events and people surrounding the anomaly they are involved in which I feel is their purpose in each anomaly, to give us some insight.

While there was no clear sequences, or known ones I should say, each glyph shard I believe was carefully picked, which I find rather interesting since only two glyphs repeat in the Recursion and Helios shards. Why were these glyphs chosen out of all the glyphs available and known or unknown to us? And why do only two repeat? To me, it points out that there is much more going on with these shards and glyphs than meets the eye and it makes me question what their use is.

Glyphs can be powerful if they are used in the right or wrong way and we know that individuals may have personal glyph sequences that could be used to either destroy or improve them. I have to wonder if gathering the shards with glyphs on them together at specific points was like a combination lock but what were we unlocking? I can’t help but feel something happened unseen in these anomalies, that the actual outcomes were never observed and we were given just enough information to satisfy most of us but as I studied these glyphs and then the others in different anomalies I’m beginning to wonder.

That is for another conversation though. I found more questions than answers when i looked at these shard glyphs and sadly I can’t focus on them all.

Not all of the glyphs from these anomalies have been released within our scanners, or i should say within our glyph hack sequences. At least one (shaper self) can be found within our avatar selections oddly. There were 57 artifacts, with only 55 glyphs as End/Finality and Progress/Success/Evolution were the only two repeated. 45 out of the 55 have entered our glyph sequences if you choose to acknowledge that Call and Response are individual glyphs rather than just Data split. It wasn’t until recently that 10 of the shard glyphs came into our sequences along with other previously unused glyphs.

All, once again, coming into play around the anomalies and used in sequences that would represent the upcoming events. This leaves us with 10 that have not entered our sequences, 9 that have not entered the scanner at all. With the help of +Stein Lightman some have been named but many are up to interpretation and how or when they will come into play is a mystery other than possibly around another anomaly. I personally do not feel the others have been given to us yet because we haven’t reached the point in which they need to be used. Maybe we haven’t received them because we have not reached a goal invisible to us but with the release of two new sets so close together I think we are on the right path and will soon see all if not more glyphs.

It was hard to rein in my thoughts on this, as I dug into the history of these anomalies I came out with many more questions than answers. Glyphs are present everywhere and this study has certainly proved to me that we need to pay more attention to what they are saying.

@G0D2like / Enlightened
I have no doubt that there is a connection between glyphs and shards. You can verify it by looking at the artifacts Recursion Anomaly. But this is only one point of contact of these things. In connection with the new global shards, I would like to talk about the relationship between glyphs and this shards (and not only about it).

Recalling that in the current shards, we are collecting researchers, which placed in ABADN. It [ABADN] is obviously linked with the glyph “Again/Repeat,” which probably means the recursion by itself. It remembers us about events of Recursion anomaly. During this anomaly agents have been collecting artifacts (it were glyphs). But for some reason, some of the artifacts haven’t shown themselves in the scanner yet. Anyway, I believe that in the new year we will be faced with them.

@MustafaSaid / Resistance
There were two questions I had while researching this topic.

My first question was whether it was possible, in the cases of both the Helios and Recursion Artifacts, that the reasons glyphs were associated with them is because that somehow, crafting a sequence from the chosen glyphs could yield the results they were designed to perform? For example, if a successful glyph sequence could be made from the Recursion set of glyphs, could it somehow enable a person to achieve immortality of some sort? In the same thought process, could someone transcribe a sequence using the chosen set of the Helios artifacts to somehow repair immense damage caused onto the Portal Network?

There is also the question of the creator to ask. Who-or what-made the Recursion and Helios artifacts? Knowing the creator could give insight into why they chose to bind glyphs to the artifacts.

In the case of the Helios set, that’s kinda difficult to figure out. They had a dual purpose: heal the network from large-scale damage and simultaneously become beacons to summon the N’zeer. First, why would the network need to be healed? My guess is that whoever-or whatever-made the set believed a time would come in which the Portals would sustain immense damage that could not be reversed in any other way. Between the two societies and their respective Entities 13Magnus and Anti Magnus I believe this would closer to the 13Magnus side. If this is the truth, it’s obvious who made the other ability of the Artifacts-the Anti Magnus would have nothing to lose from wanting the N’zeer back. In this lies the mystery of who made the Helios set. It’s also possible that one Magnus made the Artifacts and hid them away and then they were rediscovered by the other and the alternate ability was added in. For example, if 13MAGNUS made the set, then Anti Magnus could be the ones who hid the beacon capabilities in at some other point.

The Recursion set is tricky as well. Not only do they grant its wielder immortality but Hank Johnson, at the time a simulacrum, wanted to use them as a bypass in order to achieve humanity. We don’t really have any definite evidence to point to that the Anti-Magnus use simulacra but we do know for sure that 13MAGNUS does. Whichever Magnus was responsible may not be important but I do think that one of them did make the Recursion Artifacts as a way to somehow overcome the 1,331 Recursion curse of losing their memories.

Well, those are my thoughts. I’m incredibly honored to be a guest on this Drill Down. This was a lot of fun-maybe I’ll come back and do another.

@GaanEden / Enlightened
Personally, I still don’t know what the answer is, but my gut tells me yes, the shards and the glyphs are linked. I also think Ishira is correct—most of the results and consequences of what happens during Shards and Anomalies are hidden from us.

I run these weekly—for the most part. If you are interested in joining in, please post in the comments. Or contact either Ishira or Metamorphis. This is Faction/Level agnostic.

+Haerang Dong +flint dille +Edgar Allan Wright +Linda Besh +Andrew Krug +Hank Johnson +John Hanke +Stein Lightman +H. Richard Loeb

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Septicycle 2017.06
Contemplate. Strong. Data. Adapt. Message

This sequence describes the process of being an ingress investigator, minus XM and doing the work of extra-dimensional entities.
Septicyle 2017.06
Contemplate. Strong. Data. Adapt. Message.

Intercepted Shaper Glyphs
Aspiration. Strong. Success. Contemplate. Message. Again. Easy. Balance. Data. Adapt. Together. Accept. Perspective. Obstacle. Sustain. Modify. Idea. Clear-All. Danger. Perfection. Loss. Ignore. Stay.

Septicyle 2017.06.01
Adapt. Message.

Septicyle 2017.06.02
Contemplate. Strong. Data.

Although several of last week’s glyphs dealt with humanity’s creative potential, one of the sequences Open. Signal. React. hinted at the idea of communication, a concept that returns big in this week’s shaper glyph sequences.

All forms of communication are based on Data we receive from various source.  In an ideal situation, we form our beliefs and ideas based on strength of the evidence we receive after we have spent some time Contemplating and internalizing them.  Afterwards, we then will find ourselves retransmitting that information to others.

Eventually, an individual will encounter new evidence on any subject.  Our thoughts and beliefs on the subject then become challenged and we find ourselves in a difficult situation.  Does that information change our beliefs?  Does it affirm what we believe to be true?  Do we accept it or dismiss it?

Depending on the situation, our thoughts on a subject may become Adapted, modified or changed to reflect the new information we received.  The Message. we transmit afterwards will hopefully be informed by the growth of our personal knowledge assuming that our thoughts and beliefs on do not become overburdened and misinformed by ignorance or untruth.

Septicyle 2017.06.03
Clear-All. Obstacle. Success

When attempting to land a shard be certain boost the level of the target and shard portal to at least seven and to clear all blocking links between both portals.

+Edgar Allan Wright​​​ +Carrie Campbell​​​ +Stein Lightman​​​ +H. Richard Loeb​​​ +Verity Seke​​​ +Roland Jarvis​​​ +flint dille​​​

#ingress #shaperGlyphs #shaperPortents

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Welcome to the Glyph Drill Down Roundtable. These weekly examinations of glyph phrases. If you are interested in joining in, please let me know in the comments. This is Faction/Level agnostic. ~@GaanEden

Glyphs are a memetic language imparting concepts to influence the human mind. In this Roundtable, we will discuss the following glyph sequence:


What do you think it mean? Who is the sender and what is the receiver supposed to understand? How is this glyph sequence supposed to influence the human mind?

@J@yB@se / Enlightened
For me this sequence sounds like a message or warning for Klue. She was, for what we know now, the only one who was ingressed by an AI. If we believe that she now remains within the Techthulu then this message is from this entity. In my opinion this sequence isn’t designated for us—we’re only able listen to. We have dialtone.

@Ishira / Resistance
I feel this sequence hits on a truth. We hide normally the worst of ourselves within ourselves. We have instincts that tell us to do certain things out of reaction but laws that tell us we can’t, so we developed control over ourselves to keep these parts from ever being exposed to the public. We keep control of ourselves in many other ways, too. I feel most of us keep our deepest desires away from even the people we love because we fear what people would see or how people would react. It’s only natural to hide these feelings, these thoughts, these reactions. If they’re not accepted in our Society then we would not be accepted would we?

I don’t feel like the sequence is trying to tell us anything new and rather just highlighting something within us. Maybe it’s to make us think of some problem or thoughts that have been at the back of our mind. Telling us that we should indulge in them. I feel it was the wrong people this could be deadly, but again, I see no faction within it. This could very likely be given by either side. And very likely be intended for everyone. The interesting thing to note is the glyph you. I feel like someone is specifically talking to another, but not us, the agents. It feels like a part of a conversation we’re listening to again. I can’t explain why but it just feel like a statement in a conversation... It does make me wonder who is talking though.

On a different note and one that I want to leave in the air for people to think about. What if this is not just a sequence about our own chaos? Our own little dark secrets that we do not expose. What if the sequence is talking about chaos or dark XM?

@Metamorphis / Enlightened
You Hide Chaos Inside Body - this sequence made me a lot thinking about possible connections to another well known sequence: All Chaos Inside Body.

Both sequences are very similar. It’s about hiding something for others to see. Is it a side effect? Maybe. I’m willing to believe it could be Chaotic Matter which is hidden in the Body.

There is—as usual—a question left. Who or what is able to hide the side effect of Dark XM?

@Essayons75 / Resistance
The first time I saw this sequence on the scanner I got chills. The implication that all agents (or targeted agents, who knows?) harbor chaos inside themselves was pretty mind blowing.

After some thinking and drawing of the glyphs a deeper meaning has occurred to me. What if the multiple translation glyphs are intended by the sender to mean both glyphs? What if the glyphs actually mean both “You” and “You’re”, “Hide” and “Hiding”, and “Not” and “Inside”? Things get a little weirder. If the sequence means “You Hide Chaos Inside Body, You’re Hiding Chaos Not Body” the intent appears to be pointing out the flaw of Chaos when you try to keep the problems in your life bottled up inside. If it just means as the scanner states “You Hide Chaos Inside Body” the intent is a warning that you are a potential agent of Chaos.

The Shapers would want to send this as a warning to agents as a reminder that Chaos, the antithesis of all their goals, is carried in each and every single agent that gets this sequence. Unless of course it is directed at only specific agents and not a random message shot into the portal network.

@GaanEden / Enlightened
I think @J@yB@se may have hit on something. ADA did ingress Klue. Somehow, I think this links to Tecthulu. I’m not sure how though. It could be a warning or a weapon. Klue / Susanna were subsumed Tecthulu (theory). This chaos may be the key. What do you think?

I run these every other week—for the most part. If you are interested in joining in, please post in the comments. Or contact either Ishira or Metamorphis. This is Faction/Level agnostic.

+Haerang Dong +flint dille +Edgar Allan Wright +***** +Andrew Krug +Hank Johnson +Stein Lightman +H. Richard Loeb

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Septicycle 2017.05
Human. Thought. Unbounded. Potential. Create.

Septicycle 2017.05.01
Nourish. Idea.

What ideas will you allow to grow, and what will those thoughts create?
Septicycle 2017.05
Human. Thought. Unbounded. Potential. Create.

Septicycle 2017.05.01
Nourish. Idea.

Intercepted Shaper Glyphs
Potential. Destiny. Perspective. Create. Future. Desire. Human. Thought. Unbounded. Civilization. React. Nourish. Present. Restraint. Accept. Technology. Idea. Difficult. Path. Presence. Follow. Obstacle. Signal. Open. Hide.

Choosing a sequence for this week was unexpectedly difficult since there were several sequences which I thought were excellent candidates. Once I selected the sequence, and decided on the version of the Thought. glyph to use, I had trouble coming up with something to write about it which added to the delay.

I will warn you that there may be a delay next week since septicyle 2017.06 starts during the evening next Saturday. For that reason, I may end up posting next week's Septicycle sequence on Sunday February 12th before 2017.05.02 begins.

It may seem strange, but it is possible to nourish ideas. When we focus energy on a idea, it takes roots and grows. The idea, and the thoughts which compose it, can then inspire us into action, it can inspire us to create something new.

Although the human potential to create new thoughts and ideas is unbounded, our ability to manisfest them into physical reality is somewhat limited. However, given time, even an insane idea like traveling to the moon became possible.

+Carrie Campbell+Stein Lightman+Edgar Allan Wright+H. Richard Loeb+Ingress

#ingress #shaperPortents #shaperGlyphs

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Welcome to the Glyph Drill Down Roundtable. These weekly examinations of glyph phrases. If you are interested in joining in, please let me know in the comments. This is Faction/Level agnostic. ~@GaanEden

Glyphs are a memetic language imparting concepts to influence the human mind. In this Roundtable, we will discuss the following glyph sequence:


What do you think it mean? Who is the sender and what is the receiver supposed to understand? How is this glyph sequence supposed to influence the human mind?

@wikkedimp / Enlightened
A very dark and ominous message. A warning to the receiver that unless they leave or stop whatever it is that they are doing, that death will be the final result. But there seems to be a word missing, and because of that missing word it begs more questions than it answers.

Escape before death ends us all? Ends you all? Ends all involved? And if it is all involved, what are the damned involved in? Is it the researchers from the original project? The investigators? Agents who believe this is nothing more than a game? Or does our involvement in whatever we need to escape from bring about the death of the N’zeer and/or Shapers and they are hoping we will listen before it’s too late for them?

Whoever sent this was scared. Of what or whom, I do not know. I can only hope it was made of a protective nature instead of a promising threat.

@AdaDefender / Resistance
At first glance, the phrase does not seem nothing more than a suggestion, an encouragement to flee, to escape, before death puts an end to everything. Clearly distressing, it is not possible in the first instance avoid being shaken. Appears nothing but the prophecy of a prophet, a council to be taken in time, not to arrive unprepared at the end of existence. Yet, it seems very little pertaining to current Ingress.

Therefore, it is necessary that we go deeper digging in search of truth. We are agents, and the portal network sends us this message may be, as some say, the future inhabitants of the world who, through the network, they contact with us from the future to warn us. Or, the network itself that wants to tell who has access to the danger, considering it a sentient extension of every intellect that with it has melted or has even interacted. Is the cry of a Cassandra of our age, we perceive through our technological devices, but we fear will go unheeded.

If we resort to etymology to dig deeper into the meaning of the Portal network message, we can consider ESCAPE not only as a suggestion to the real moviamento, to move away from something, but, as suggested by the OED, abandoning the enemy the its hood, its outward visible for not being chased, tracked. Abandon the habits, attitudes, becoming another new course before it is too late, before the END OF EVERYTHING. [from Vulgar Latin excappare, literally “get out of one’s cape, leave a pursuer with just one’s cape,” from Latin ex- “out of” (see ex-) + Late Latin cappa “mantle” (see cap (n.)). Mid-14c., of things, “get or keep out of a person’s grasp, elude (notice, perception, attention, etc.);”]

It seems possible, therefore, that the change of habits and behaviors can lead to a catastrophic change inevitable term of existence prophesied in the sequence. You can change the future seems, in the end, the way / the reason for the message.

@Metamorphis / Enlightened
This sequence sounds like a repeating alarm in my ears. “Attention agent, this is the last chance to stop it, before the self-destruct code will be initiated.” There are two events which are strong connected to this sequence in my mind. The first one was a message by Devra Bogdanovich only a few weeks ago (

In this message she tells what she knows about Techthulu. “They could destroy us all.” The second event was Devra’s and Jarvis’ escape from the Niantic Project. Maybe it’s because of the word “escape” why I connect this to the sequence. But maybe there’s more about. Why did ADA helped the both researchers to escape. Did she know Calvin’s evil plans and did she know about the ABADN chamber? Was her help to prevent that all researchers’ bodies will be imprisoned within the chamber? Maybe we will see more within the next weeks and by hearing from PAC about the Niantic Calamity.

@Ishira / Resistance
It is interesting to me that finally the alternate meaning for Die is being used, but it does leave a rather discouraging message. The message seems simple, but simple is not even a secondary glyph in this sequence. This sequence pushed me to study more of it, to figure out a deeper meaning in it so I took to my drawing pad and started a sequence study on it. To me it seems there must be more than the message most agents see but I will discuss my finds with the secondaries in another study, for now I’ll talk about my initial thoughts.

Escape before death ends all. It seems rather simple, we need to escape something before some sort of death comes and ends all. There’s a lot of ways to look at this though, as we are not told what to escape or what type of death the sequence is speaking about. We can assume that All stands for civilization or possibly the world, but like the others there could an endless amount of meanings to it. The way this sequence is designed is specifically so that it can hit a vast variety of interpretations and everyone could relate to it in some way shape or form.

So, in ways we could take it personally, it telling us that we need to escape something, or someone, in our lives as it is killing us and will surely end us. It is encouraging a change and while the sequence seems rather dim and may cause a shock to us as we read it, as we let it sink into our thoughts I am sure it makes people think about the problems they have and what they need to stop. We start relating our problems to this sequence. As agents, I feel this would encourage us to step away from minor problems that overwhelm us to focus on the bigger picture. I feel either side could give us this sequence and do not particularly feel it is focus on one more than the other.

Going further into this I want to focus on the glyphs used. While they can be numerous things they were specifically picked to be as vague as possible with this sequence which of course had my mind wandering. Death certainly caught my attention as its use could mean that something is in the process of dying or is already dead. But it does certainly adds an urgency to this sequence and negativity. Both of which may stir people into drastic changes without thinking first; Another way to look at it though, is that the Death the sequence is talking about is actually Death itself. As in the being, the bringer of, the embodiment of Death, however you look at it. I would not say it is a stretch as many creatures from our civilizations lore have come into the light recently. If this were true though, we would not be escaping from thoughts but rather a new enemy... The sequence meaning would change....

@GaanEden / Enlightened
I was startled by this glyph set at first. Now, I feel like someone is upset that we are not doing what they want us to do, thus they are amping up the urgency of the message. It’s like it is designed to create panic. Panicking people do stupid, hurried things. The problem we have right now is that we believe everything the glyph sets are telling us—even when they are in direct conflict with each other. There is no way to know who is correct and who is not. I want to disregard this glyph set altogether. All it does is push the Resistance and Enlightened to work harder against each other without give a reason or an out. It’s fear-mongering and I’m tired of it.

I run these every other week—for the most part. If you are interested in joining in, please post in the comments. Or contact either Ishira or Metamorphis. This is Faction/Level agnostic.

+Haerang Dong +flint dille +Edgar Allan Wright +Linda Besh +Andrew Krug +Hank Johnson +Stein Lightman +H. Richard Loeb

Glyph Drill Down: New Glyphs - Abandon, Begin, Destination, Legacy, N’Zeer, Knowledge, Perspective, and Us

Welcome to the Glyph Drill Down Roundtable. These weekly examinations of glyph phrases. If you are interested in joining in, please let me know in the comments. This is Faction/Level agnostic. ~@GaanEden

Glyphs are a memetic language imparting concepts to influence the human mind. In this Roundtable, we will discuss the following new glyphs:

New Glyphs - Abandon, Begin, Destination, Legacy, N’Zeer, Knowledge, Perspective, and Us

Who or what caused the new glyphs to appear? What do you think they mean within the memetic language? What do they mean for each of the factions?

@Wikkedimp / Enlightened
I don’t know. After the loss of Susanna and Klue during Via Noir, and the release of new glyphs at that time, it really got me to think about who is releasing the glyphs. I know there are several theories as to who is sending the glyphs : The N’zeer are sending them. The Shapers are sending them. They are speaking to each other and we are listening in on a party line (sorry for dating myself).

A new theory that I am starting to favor is that a future us are sending these glyphs to warn us of future disaster or potential greatness if we choose to listen to them. As to the meaning and what they mean to each faction? I believe the words speak for themselves. The meanings only change during on interpretation.

@Ishira / Resistance
These glyphs were known before they came to our scanners and I feel it was just a matter of time before we would start receiving them. Just as I feel eventually we will receive all of the known glyphs and possibly some unknown ones. As we write about this set, we have another that has been released for us to study and contemplate about as well. Something has changed but what?

I personally feel many things brought upon this sets release, some obvious and some not but one of the greatest things I think has influenced this release were the agents themselves. We started paying much more attention to glyphs and in this last year multiple studies have been done on them.

Here in the Drill Downs we have taken apart the sequences we have been given, thoroughly discussing and studying what the sequences mean to not just one faction but both. We have begun working together in many ways to try and discover what truths are in the glyphs. And we began questioning the ones we received, how they were structured, and what was missing. I feel the agents work was not unnoticed and that someone took advantage of our attention to the glyphs.

It is widely speculated that the sequences that came with these glyphs actually came from the people within and sacrificed to Tecthulhu. That it was them calling out for help and for the factions to come together to stop the completion of the weapon. Whether or not this is true we have not proven but the fact they were released before Tecthulhu shows a sort of foreshadowing. Help Us Save Us All, Abandon Fear Defend Future Together, Change Perspective Begin New Struggle and so many more messages focused on putting our differences aside, in my opinion, to stop Oliver. We were given desperate messages of change suddenly, and we listened to them in the Anomaly. Noir had us working together, changing ourselves in order to keep Tecthulhu from possibly destroying us... Faction differences were put aside for a time.... That in itself may bring many agents to question the way things are now.

These glyphs certainly bring more questions than answers and I could go on and on about what I think each of them mean but then I would be writing far too much for this discussion. I will simply say, I do not think we have enough sequences with them to determine what each of them truly means. With the introduction of N’zeer and Us though, I feel we are seeing another side of the Glyphs. In some way, it’s more balanced now but also more unbalanced. For the longest time we have only seen Shapers, and in ways only seen one side of the glyphs... With this release, I feel the glyphs will resonate with more agents, and encourage both sides to look further into the glyphs. I know so far, it has encouraged many to explore them further and I hope that it continues.

@Metamorphis / Enlightened
All these glyphs were deciphered and are known long before. They are well documented in the Glyphtionary by agent @SK8ZION. The glyphs emerged in our scanners October 29th 2016, four days after the glimpse of a machine, meanwhile known as Techthulu. It could be that Oliver Lynton-Wolfe was involved while he worked on the machine, activating it. We have just begun to listen.

@thedeacon1972 / Resistance
Like many agents I spoke to, I think we have come to a turning point in the history of humanity, making it necessary for us to reflect about where we came from and where we want to go. The Shapers and the N’Zeer want to make this clear and address us more openly with these new glyphs.

“N’Zeer” and “Us” need no further explanation - like the lately appearing glyph for “you,” they’re making it easier to communicate. But they also make the glyph messages more personal. While the older glyph sequences resemble common advices, the new ones seem to be more directed towards us.

The other glyphs seem to form pairs. I start with “Abandon” and “Begin,” which correlate closely. You have to abandon your old ways to begin something new, They give a clear hint at the turning point at which we are.

“Legacy” and “Knowledge” form the next pair. From our legacy comes our knowledge. Knowledge about what we have done right or wrong in the past. From this heritage, this legacy, we should draw our conclusions, learn accordingly and move forward.

And finally, we have “Destination” and “Perspective.” For humanity, it’s important to have a goal, a destination, to look forward to. We as a race suffer from a perspective problem: most of us look no farther than the tip of our nose. But to evolve, to look farther, we need a bigger perspective.

To sum my thoughts up, I’d say that the new glyphs have appeared because both Shapers and N’Zeer have decided that they want to influence us more directly as they did before at this crucial point. The course of events can easily be changed at those turning points and both sides are doing everything they can to assure it’s their path that will be taken.

@GaanEden / Enlightened
For those new to Ingress and glyphing, the new glyphs were a complete shock. They didn’t know about the Glyphtionary ( For those who knew, it was a question of “Why now?” as well as memetic interpretation. I have no answers other than guesses. Techthulu is the main reason—it’s awakening—and the death/transition/evolution of Klue and Susanna. Every new glyph and glyph sequence leaves me with more questions.

I run these weekly—for the most part. If you are interested in joining in, please post in the comments. Or contact either Ishira or Metamorphis. This is Faction/Level agnostic.
+Haerang Dong +flint dille +Edgar Allan Wright +Linda Besh +Andrew Krug +Hank Johnson +Stein Lightman +H. Richard Loeb

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Septicycle 2017.02
Creativity. Sustains. Human. Mind. Soul.

Septicycle 2017.02.01
Have. Creativity.

Raw Glyph Data
Save. Mind. Sustain. Soul. Body. Thought. Progress. Creativity. Accept. Human. Harmony. Interrupt. Peace. Enlightenment (Type B). Clear-All. Escape. Answer. Struggle. Lie. Courage. Have. Failure.

Creative expression, in its many forms, creates a conduit into a person's inner most thoughts, their emotions, and soul allowing them to give shape to things that may otherwise be difficult, aid in the creation of new ideas, or allow them to briefly escape our reality.

When creating this week's glyph sequence, I found myself at a conundrum based off the dual glyphs for Creativity and Mind. One of the glyphs for Creativity has a form that derives from the glyph that is commonly used to represent the concept of Mind; the other may also be interpreted as Mind, Thought, and Idea. So the question is which glyph to use for which concept?

Although using the version of Creativity that is derived from the Mind glyph would make sense for the sequence, I decided not to since most agents would be unfamiliar with it. Likewise, I used the glyph commonly associated with the concept of Mind to avoid confusion when an agent tries to the interpret the meaning of the sequence.

What makes this sequence particularly interesting is that depending on how one interprets the glyphs, one can come to an interesting conclusion: The human spirit (soul) and the mind itself requires thoughts, ideas, and creativity to survive. This is interesting because studies have been conducted revolving around possibility that art therapy and creative endeavors could lessen the effects of dementia and Alzheimer’s and could help slow the deteriorative progress of those diseases. It makes me wonder how things would have turned out if my father’s widow gave him a box of paint, crayons, or markers and a sketchbook or easel during the final years of his life rather than having him sit at home and watch tv as he was losing his ability to communicate…

* * * *

Notes: There are twenty-two glyphs on this week’s list rather than ten or the twenty I mentioned previously that I would start using. This was intentional. I will also be using faction glyphs for the daily sequences, but I will try remain faction agnostic for the septicyle’s main sequence. I’m hoping that using the faction glyphs and selecting from an expanded list will give me enough wiggle room so I can create longer and more interesting glyph sequences as the weeks progresses.

Although I am keeping an ink-based analog record of the weekly sequences, for the sake of consistency, when possible, I will post the image I created digitally in photoshop. The “field-like” cloud background will be based on local conditions at the time of my posting, so there is a chance that it would be green, a “teal” color, blue or black/white.

Hopefully, I will find some means to streamline the process of creating these glyph sequences; even if it requires my having to create an online tool or an app…

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Thanks to +Jay B.​.. I love to investigate! Now I get to show it off.

If there's enough demand, I'll post a guide up as to how to setup your own Android Wear watch like this.

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Glyph Drill Down: Begin Journey Breathe XM Evolution

Welcome to the Glyph Drill Down Roundtable. These weekly examinations of glyph phrases. If you are interested in joining in, please let me know in the comments. This is Faction/Level agnostic. ~@GaanEden

Glyphs are a memetic language imparting concepts to influence the human mind. In this Roundtable, we will discuss the following glyph sequence:

Begin Journey Breathe XM Evolution

What do you think it mean? Who is the sender and what is the receiver supposed to understand? How is this glyph sequence supposed to influence the human mind?

@Theoric / Enlightened
A concept some reject and others embrace. To begin a journey, embracing the XM that seeps into our world through portals. When picturing this sequence, I see myself walking down a path, the exotic matter of portals near and far coming close to me, guiding me to a future I do not yet understand. This is a sequence of Enlightenment with a darker twist. It appears to be almost a command from the Shapers, that we must begin our journey in earnest or all is lost. But why did the Shapers feel the need to remind us of the Enlightened goals? A battle cry or a silver tongued persuasion? Such is the mystery of the glyphs, and those that have written them.

@AdADefender / Resistance
Each new agent that accesses Ingress BEGINS his experience, led through what will be a vote - more or less long, more or less complex, with and within himself, through a world that sees for the first time with new eyes. His senses have never been able to perceive the XM, but the first steps of his wanderings, he is surrounded. The portals are everywhere, all around him. Within no time you will feel permeated by exotic matter, crossed and influenced by his presence. Perceive this new constituent of his life experience - and game - as well as appreciate the sunlight and the air around him in his BREATH. Something natural, indispensable. As his journey continues, while fulfilling his new agent duty, the change of his daily life, his habits and his way of dealing with others - in which now must again learn to recognize friends, teammates, opponents - evolving .

The proposed sequence could describe prophetically, first the “dawn” of a new agent, his descent into the field, its first movement and its top picks. Its progress. Poetically, his journey. Arrives to tell the anxiety we all have tried, at least once, working from behind the scanner, his eyes on everything and nothing, waiting for the emergence of a faction mate, or an enemy. Slowly, the game has made us grow, changed us, changed, adapted to something new. Analyzing the glyph positions, we head into the start, the beginning. The first point of everything, here, for us, the start line.

For a second, the action object, traveling. Centrally located, the apex of the string, the breathing. In particular breathing is what in more than one discipline and meditative martial art you need to check in order to master themselves and, as a logical consequence, again, its growth, both physical and spiritual. Their elevation of thought and attitude. The next step is the call for Exotic Matter, which will support during the trip, which will meet during the trip, what you will have to collect during the journey. The last glyph may represent the end of that journey: personal evolution. The growth in skill and finesse, tactics and knowledge.

The sender of this message may be the same network of portals. Like a whisper intended to anyone who can hear him. In the invitation to take its place as a “chosen one.” The term agent, in fact, can also be translated as an envoy, legate, who works for. Ingress WORK agents for the network portal, for its survival and expansion. For this reason, encourage those who are able to listen and read to carry out their trip in order to evolve, it seems to be a priority.

@Metamorphis / Enlightened
This week’s sequence could be translated to a short message - it’s time to move!

In order to breathe XM you have to go outside. If you do so, you’ll having progress in XM sensitivity.

For me, it’s definitely a Shaper’s sequence or even a message from Roland Jarvis. I’m really excited about what Resistance agents would think about.

There’s a second aspect in this sequence and it’s more a theoretical one - XM evolution. Hank Johnson wrote in his Nomad Hypothesis that there exists ancient XM. Could it be possible that this kind of Exotic Matter evolves?

@Ishira / Resistance
I could read this a few ways, without knowing where punctuation but I think I’ll focus on one this time as it brings up more interesting questions.

Begin the journey, breathe XM evolution. It’s very similar to another 5 glyph sequence, Breathe Inside XM Lose Self, but it isn’t saying we would lose ourselves in this new sequence. What is this XM Evolution though? Has XM changed? Is it going to change soon? For me, just as my curious self, this sequence peaks my interest with many more questions than answers and I want to dive head into figuring out what XM it is talking about. Some could argue it is Chaotic Matter, or Dark Matter and considering when this sequence came out and how it is one of the many Tecthulhu sequences, it is possible it is talking about the XM used to make the being. I personally believe there is more than just that.

As an Agent receiving this message though, is concerning. I take it as it telling agents we need to breathe XM to evolve and begin a new journey. We know XM can be dangerous without the proper knowledge and I doubt many of the agents that get this sequence understand that. To me.... It seems like a message that is specific for certain people but would be dangerous to the majority of the population. Almost as if we are being tempted to try something new without any warning of what it could do... I feel that out of all the agents in the world, there is only so many in investigations that understand the side effects or are actively trying to figure them out but the rest are still exposed and this message is pushing them to expose themselves more. To experiment more, and with that comes a great danger. Tecthulhu i think was a perfect recent example of this.... And i hope people have learned from that.

@GaanEden / Enlightened
I’m not sure who this message is from. It could be the Shapers. It could be the New Wavers. I think it is encouragement to look at the world—the portals, the network, the factions—in a new light. “XM Evolution” could mean anything. A personal evolution. A faction evolution. Portal evolution. I don’t know. The road to Enlightenment begins with a single step. The problem is, which path do you take?

I run these weekly—for the most part. If you are interested in joining in, please post in the comments. Or contact either Ishira or Metamorphis. This is Faction/Level agnostic.

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