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Welcome to "Qualitative Interviewing." A few of us have started this community to give us a central location for sharing information and suggestions for qualitative research involving interviewing. We are working on our EdD in Instructional Design & Technology at The University of Memphis but this community is open to anyone interested in the topic.

When posting, please use the tags to organize.

If you are sharing links to scholarly literature (filter "Literature"), others may or may not be able to access the papers depending upon their access to certain databases. If you can, go ahead and provide a citation. That may help others search in the databases they may reach.

If you want to throw out some ideas and get some feedback, label the post with "Feedback Requested" and hopefully someone will chime in.

As the community evolves, the "Techniques" area may break off into more specific approaches.

When in doubt, if you aren't sure what filter to use, throw it in the "Discussion" area.

Thank you for joining us on this journey toward dissertation completion and any help you can provide for the community members as we grow as researchers.

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Dr. Roulston, one of my professors at UGA contributes to this blog which I found to be quite intriguing and pleasant light reading.

Hello, thanks for accepting my request.
I am from Turkey, Dokuz Eylul University; I’m studying on performing arts and gender studies. For last three years I have been using qualitative research methods. My first qualitative study is on the relationship between motherhood and academic career. The two master students and I have worked on a new research about ‘being a theatre actor/ actress’… I'm interesting everything about qualitative methods :)

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From Dr. Martindale...

Anyone submitting to a journal? Which? How do you find ideas about which one?

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Studying constructivist theory? Father of Constructivism has passed... "The central tenet of his Constructionist theory of learning is that people build knowledge most effectively when they are actively engaged in constructing things in the world."

Another book to share, this one about Qualitative Interviewing. Qualitative Interviewing: The Art of Hearing Data, 3rd Edition, Rubin, 2012. Pages 15-20 contrast positivist and naturalist approaches, making comparisons between quantitative and qualitative research. The discussion helps clarify for me how to talk about and describe what my approach is about. Thought you might find it helpful.

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Not the most engaging review I have ever done but I recorded this for EDPR 8562. It summarizes this article:

Turner III, D. W. (2010). Qualitative interview design: A practical guide for novice investigators. The qualitative report, 15(3), 754.

Article -

My presentation slide deck -

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Some tips for effective listening
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