Here's a comment that was posted on my blog yesterday. I know that many of the older / former reconnective healing practitioners were receiving messages like this through the work itself and that Eric Pearl and The Reconnection corporation even designed a strategy to shut such people up. Anyone cares to share any thoughts on this?

„This reconnective healing is the work of the damn devil lucifer the third ! I happen to be an unfortunate young vulnerable female who is now twenty years old and soulless due to reconnective healing sessions .. The exchange of 333 USD is exactly what it seems like … Half evil . I have done some session to hopefully recover from a brain injury it basically controlled me made me feel as if I need more I kept going and I had a dream some people were doing the work on me and they were chanting something and all I remember him saying was lucifer the third . The devil and his desipals indeed . I regret it I regret my entire life if I known the devil was following me my whole life until he acomplisly got the soul sucked out of me … If only I knew to call on jesus to seek help and read a bible …..”

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some new insights about "doctor" Pearl's "Reconnection" work, the real intention behind it and its actual effects

briefly, what I noticed throughout these years of practice is that the Reconnection work seems to disconnect the person's subtle structures, and divert their path / block their spiritual evolution. you might feel ok after the procedure, but it's actually like the effect of a strong anesthetic after surgery.
it can take a long time to bring all this into awareness and accept it. and also, it might not be easy to fully reconnect these subtle connections to ourselves, once so brutally severed.
but becoming aware IS essential. blessings and love <3

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A quick post to say hello ? So Hello Everyone, How is everyone getting on with their Reconnective Practice, are you talking on clients or just using it for yourself. I'd love ot know what is your favourite paragraph to explain Reconnective Healing 
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