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Hi guys need help to create a chance for private

I'm certain I have had multiple JuiceSSH sessions running concurrently switching between them via the notifications, but now I'm unable to find out how to launch additional sessions. I don't know if it's something that have changed with later versions of Android and/or JuiceSSH, or if it simply me being stupid ... so ... the question is:
Can one still launch several concurrent sessions in JuiceSSH, and if so, how?


+JuiceSSH are you planning to acknowledge this community at any time in the future? There has been no new development activity whatsoever since 10 July 2016.

Some of us would prefer to pick up where you left off if this project has been abandoned. Half a year is not an acceptable update lifecycle for a software project in 2017.

It is 2017 by the way. Protocols iterate on the order of weeks, not months. You have fallen terribly far behind.

Please respond with your current roadmap and activities or disclose the source code and permit another to take your place in managing development going forward.

Any chance you could add support for Powerline patched fonts? 

Would it be possible to add a feature for a snippet to wait before sending the next command, i.e. a local sleep? Alternatively wait for a text string before sending the next command?

I'm trying to automate control of some embedded devices which have a limited input buffer and currently a snippet just blasts out in one go which means characters are lost. I've also had problems with executing a new shell when the keyboard buffer is cleared so all the commands are lost....


The Port Knocker extension is cool. Wish it had an option just to knock (and not SSH), turning your phone into a kinda a 2nd factor auth device.

I'm hitting a couple bugs in the plugins system. A crash, and also the permissions are showing up as unknown permissions when prompting the user to allow them in Android M. I've asked via email a couple times and gotten no response. Is Juicessh still actively maintained?

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SMS/Whatsapp/Wechat/Line/Kakao, or use any other Android apps on Win/Mac with #AirDroid3:

Cluster Snippets - Work on Group :)

I tried looking at the roadmap - I didn't see it, but I'm an old man with eyesight issues. Sorry if already on the list.
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