Fuck cob4lt

Cob4lt is a dickhead

I am back

eyy mod me 

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You're friends now?

1. end Cero war (done!)
2. end marshall war (done!)
3. end King-Excalibur war

If these objectives are completely done, then I will turn this community to something else, or delete it.


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It would be great if cringey cob4lt or should I say this discount keemstar would stop posting cringey comments pretending he's not making an ass of himself on both my Google plus and YouTube channel for everyone to see.

I don't care what he says I just think their stupid & genuinely making him look like a Idiot and i get satisfaction of reading them because their hilariously weak minded and self absorbed that when both me and my fans read they actually give all of us a sense of entertainment and hilarity.

What is funny is I know he's going to repost this trying to talk shit and he's going to try talking big but he isn't really going to do anything he's been trying to threaten me but the funny part is he is the weak one as it says a lot about how someone starts something or says something about you then doesn't expect the other to respond. Secondly he goes to being a hypocrite trying to slam me for stuff he's been doing (being cynical) and I call him out and his army and him both get hella salty. That's what is funny to me.

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cob is loser his friends who are idiots will never join because he is stupid and his friends are bunch of idiots one of them is tumblr femminist he thinks there is more than 2 gender (What a dumbass) and other one is butthurt kid who is 11 or 8 (Probabaly his 8) he says bad stuff other one is fuckin idiot cob has one good friend we trust +Red_Scout 
and +Dennis  spies l guess cob is pussy because he blocked cero to not get hate cero can send you a hate oyun evi 2016 will destroy that mother fucker he needs gtfo of internet who created this community we dont want peace we want destroy cob and his idiots
(Btw cob is idiot)Cob is not 16 he is 12 l heard his voice he is child he lies he is keemstar l want to Fuckin Cero to rant on him Cero doesnt
+Gaming with Cero  rant this asshole destroy him and Fuckin excalibur
+XKing-ExcaliburX1 to call his friends to destroy him and cero calls his vwq to make video on him he will be surrounded he will cry he will fell despair
fuck this nigger

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