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Description of Bluetooth Power Saver

Save battery by having this minimal application automatically turn off your Bluetooth when connection is lost to a Bluetooth device. Bluetooth Power Saver itself only runs when your Bluetooth state changes so it does hardly use any battery at all.

Example usage: You are in your car with your phone playing music on your car stereo via Bluetooth. When leaving the car you loose your Bluetooth connection to your car, but Bluetooth is still enabled on your device using battery. Using Bluetooth Power Saver it will automatically detect that you lost your connection and disable Bluetooth on your device, saving battery.

Use this application if:
* You want to save battery by not having Bluetooth enabled when there is no connected devices.
* Want to manually enable Bluetooth when you want to use it, but not have to remember to turn it off. If you enable notification you can choose to re enable Bluetooth when you click the notification.

Do NOT use this application if:
* You always want your Bluetooth enabled searching for devices (uses battery)
* Want your Bluetooth automatically to connect when devices are available
* If you are always connected to multiple Bluetooth devices at the same time

Limitations: Because of limitations in the Android platform, the support for multiple connected devices is limited. Bluetooth Power saver will disable Bluetooth if one Bluetooth device disconnects even if other devices are still connected unless the still connected devices use Bluetooth profiles HEALTH, HEADSET or A2DP.

If you have any trouble on other devices please send an email to
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