I adopted Monty through the RSPCA about 8 months ago and was unprepared for the challenge. Monty had a lot of emotional and anxiety based issues. At first he wouldn't sleep alone and became very distressed and very destructive when alone. Tricia helped enormously by suggesting alterations to my routine and humane means of punishment for poor behaviour. It wasn't long before Monty was sleeping alone.

Monty continued to have similar issues during the day time, if left alone. Again, Tricia's support was invaluable and although we aren't 100% there yet, I have confidence will be, thanks to Tricia. I have also attended Tricia's Monday night classes which helped Monty and I to bond and with his general obedience. All in all I would thoroughly recommend Tricia's services and would call upon her again with any Monty related issues.

I rang Tricia due to my Springer Spaniel destroying everything in the house when we left. We discovered he had separation anxiety. She was very helpful and gave me some really good advice which worked. Now we can go out without having to worry about the house being destroyed. I would highly recommend.

My delightful young Labrador who was very obedient at the age of five months suddenly ignored me and wouldn't recall. She might run right past me about six feet away but would be gone for about ten minutes. I couldn't see her and as she runs so very fast I hadn't a clue what she was up to, she could have been on the road for all I knew. I seemed to have lost any control over her overnight. I had to keep her on a lead -which was difficult as all she wants to do is run - fast! I contacted Tricia who arranged for me to see us quickly. She was able to give me help to regain control and now walking our dog is really a pleasure. She is a delightful dog again and great fun! It had got to the stage where I was thinking I wouldn't be able to keep her if I couldn't get things to improve. I feel confident walking our dog now and am really enjoying her company. So thank you Tricia!
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