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Code #05 for VaLeRie->PUDQQ3J0TVLDHJ7TU85V6PG
Previous codes were given away through the telegram channel and the Twitter account respectively.
Winners share screenshots!

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It's time for the #giveaway, everyone! The giveaway will be active on Twitter, G+ and Facebook.

In order to participate, retweet/reshare this announcement post. Readers with reshares across all platforms will have a higher chance to win!

This giveaway will end two hours from now. 5 codes will be given at random. However, as previously stated, the ball's in your court- increase your chances of winning a code.

Here's the names of the winners:

-Miradutta Pradhan

-Yechiam Weiss



-Josh Fox

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Stay tuned for Part Two of the #giveaway which (most probably) will take place today!

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Awesome, great community +Punya Vashist​ 🤗
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