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//||\[Welcome to Paradise]/||\\
Let Every Dream Come True. Realistic or Not.

~You do NOT need to ask to be a lower Rank.
~You MUST ask to be a high Rank (leader, queen, deputy, princess, Medic, Medicine cat)
~Don't make prophecies unless asked!!
~Please keep swearing to a minimum!!!

//||<<[Tribe of Sandy Shores]>>||\\
~On the soft beaches of Alolora, a small island filled with trees and bushes holds cats who range in colors from light cream to brown.~
~These cats are seen as lazy, and are herbivores. They would rather collect food then catch it.~
~They're leader is to old to do anything, and her three daughters fight for leadership instead.~
Grain of Golden Sand~ Female~ 78 Moons
+Harmony Jamaa​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Flowering Lark~ Female~ 15 Moons
Flowering Lark By~ +Inna II Pastel Griffin II​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
<Medic Student>
<Den Mothers>

~Considered the war clan, TidalClan is filled with cats of grey-blue, grey, and sandy tan. They are told to be mean and never think ahead, they just want to fight.~
~The Leaders, are both known to be loud and angry, and cause deaths of both clans because of that.~
Silverstar~ Female~ Young Adult
Silverstar By~ +FuzzyyWolf​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
+The Hardcore Milky Way​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
<Medicine Cat>
+Munchkinzz Jamaa​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
<Medicine Cat Apprentice>
Cheetahfrost~ Female~ 23 Moons
Cheetahfrost By~ +shaeshae Romeave​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Mistflower~ Female~ 25 Moons
Mistflower By~ +Inna II Pastel Griffin II​​​​​​​​​
Shadowclaw~ Male~ 17 Moons
Shadowclaw By~ +Lord Muzstus Dreadmore​​​​​​​​​​
(Shadowclaw's Apprentice~ Featherpaw)
Spottedsong~ Female~ 13 Moons
Spottedsong By~ +BlueStar Of ThunderClan​​​​​​​​
WhiteLeg~ Female~ 23 Moons
WhiteLeg By~ +Warriors of FlashClan​​​
FireFox~ Male~ 36 Moons
FireFox By~ +Warriors of FlashClan​​
Featherpaw~ Female~ 8 Moons
Featherpaw By~ +Harmony Jamaa

<<||\\Thank You For Joining! ^-^//||>>

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Name - Featherpaw
Clan - TidalClan
Rank - Apprentice
Mentor - Shadowclaw
{+Ben Mk. Zero}
Gender - Female
Age - 8 moons

Mother - Ashbird
{A lithe, grey and mottled she-cat with piercing blue eyes}
Father - Ravenwater
{A small, black tom-cat with wide silver eyes}
Littermates - Cloudpaw
{Unusually small white tom cat with a very fluffy tail and silver eyes}
Best Friend - Cloudpaw
Friends - Cloudpaw
Enemies - None
Rivals - None
Crush - None
Former Crushes - None
Mate - FORBIDDEN {until she's a warrior}
Kits - None

Land Hunting: 5/10
Tree Hunting: 6/10
Speed: 7/10
Swiftness: 7/10
Fishing 3/10
Combat: 4/10
Leadership: 2/10

Over all look: Featherpaw is a small, clumsy, grey tabby she-cat with dark stripes and white chest and paws. She has pale, clear blue eyes and a feathery tail, hark her name.
Pelt: Her pelt is a mix of all different types of greys and whites and blacks
Eyes: She has pale, sky-blue eyes
Markings: She has dark tabby markings all along her coat and on her legs
Other: None

Personality: Featherpaw is a funny, whimsical she-cat with a good sense of humour. She can be very quirky at times, though, much to the dismay of her mentor.
Theme song: Get Back Up Again, sung by Anna Kendrick
Bio: She doesn't really have much of a backstory to tell. She's very upbeat and when she and her shyer brother were kits she would always drag him outside to play with the other kits against his will, insisting he wouldn't gain any friends if he remained inside.

Shadow claw just suddenly appeared in the TidalClan camp again one day. He looked thinner than normal but other than that he seemed about the same. Quite poliet as normal and he just slept in the clearing. Seemling waiting for someone.

It was late in the warm evening and twilight was setting in. The faint glow of dying day was the only thing that lit up Chloe's path as she padded quietly away from her Twoleg home. The village in question was silent, the only sign of life was the pale light that spilled out from under the closed wooden doors.

Unfortunately for Chloe, Caramel, her best friend and partner in crime, was ill and had to be kept indoors for the time being, leaving Chloe with no choice but to go about her nightly mission alone. She cleared the rickety fence and broke into a sprint down to the beach she knew so well, only stopping when she was hit with a blast of the familiar scent - the scent of TidalClan cats. She skidded to a halt before the border and waited, blue eyes darting around with kittenish excitement.

Then she heard the snap of a twig breaking underfoot, and her head snapped in the direction of the sound.


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This community will be deleted if nobody is active by Jan 1st.

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Name - Chloe
Clan - ///
Rank - /// (She's a kittypet)
Gender - Female
Age - 5 moons old

Mother - Samantha
(Graceful & lithe Siamese she-cat with wide bright blue eyes)
Father - George
(Tall tuxedo tom with long legs that allow him to jump and climb with ease, and yellow eyes)
Litter mates - Her brother, Max, died during birth, making her the only living kitten of the litter
Best friend - Caramel
(The oldest of the large tortoiseshell litter next door, a small she-cat with a large personality)
Friends - Carrot (male), Dusty (male), Dandy (female), Feliz (male), Kitkat (female)
Enemies - Madeline (female)
(The second oldest of the litter, a cold, sarcastic she-cat who thinks herself superior to all others. Dandy normally follows her around and does her bidding, but when she is alone then she is one of Chloe's best friends)
Rivals - Madeline
Crush - None, currently
Former Crushes - Feliz
(A tall tortoiseshell tom whom Chloe had a crush on when she was younger. She had long since grown out of it, as she thought it best to find a mate that wasn't the brother to her best friend)
Mate - None
Kits - None

Land hunting: 4/10
Tree hunting: 0/10 (never tried it)
Speed: 7/10
Swiftness: 6/10
Fishing 1/10 (she'd tried it once in the tiny pond in her Twolegs' garden)
Combat: 0/10 (never tried it)
Leadership: 7/10

Over all look: A small, creamy-coloured Siamese with patches of brown covering her ears, face and paws. She has wide, bright blue eyes similar to her mother's, and unusually long whiskers.
Pelt: Cream-coloured
Eyes: Cornflower-blue
Markings: She has patches of brown covering her ears, face and paws
Other: Mentioned up

Personality: Enthusiastic, bubbly, excited, eager
Theme song: "Like a Star" by Britt Nicole
Bio: Chloe lives in a Twoleg village near the Clan and Tribe. She and her best friend Caramel often stray from the village and spy on the Clans from the border. The first time they were caught was when Chloe was just 4 moons old, and luckily they got away before they could get into too much trouble. Even now, they still sometimes spy on the Clans, and have even made a few friends there.

when you have not been active :P

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2000 years old

Warrior? Not really

Connected Cat:
None Yet

Go with the Flow,
Wouldn't Hurt a Fly
Other Wolves

Viira was chosen to be the Spirit of Friendship and Love when she was born. She always played with the other pups, and grew much slower then them.
At the age of 60 years old, Viira was still the size and mindset of a 3 year old wolf. Then the council desided to choose her to wait in TidalClan for the prophecy kitten.
Now Viira has waited for a thousand years and thinks the kit of her dreams with arrive soon.

Art By:


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[[<<||\Mod TryOut/||>>]]

[<|\Who are Your OCs?/|>]
Just Spiritheart for now. I'll be adding more if this poor dying community survives.
[<|\How Long Have You Know Jaywing?/|>]
[<|\How Many Communities Do You Mod?/|>]
One or two?
[<|\Why Do You Want To Be A Mod Here?/|>]
I think I want to be a moderator here since I love helping you! If you want this to be your main community, I'll be by your side!
[<|\Have You Ever Been Banned?/>|]
Nope! Thankfully so!
[<|\Or Reported for Legit Reasons?/>|]
[<|\Do You Like Jaywing's Community?/|>]
I love it! The prophecy better still happen!
[<|\Are You ACTUALLY Gonna Help?/>|]
You're my BFF Emma.
Of course!

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[<|\Who are Your OCs?/|>]
Waiting for SandTail to be approved, and Shadow Moon.

[<|\How Long Have You Know Jaywing?/|>]
Hmm, a while, but, i forget how long...

[<|\How Many Communities Do You Mod?/|>]
Too. Many.

[<|\Why Do You Want To Be A Mod Here?/|>]
Because, i do love to mod, and i can help inforce rules ^^

[<|\Have You Ever Been Banned?/>|]
Not from this community, on others, yes, but they were the horribly done 'anti- ' community's, and the main Undertale community because i said 'k, i'm leaving this place, bye.'

[<|\Or Reported for Legit Reasons?/>|]

[<|\Do You Like Jaywing's Community?/|>]
Yee ^^

[<|\Are You ACTUALLY Gonna Help?/>|]
Why do you even think i'm signing up..? of course i will lol

art not by me but done for meh
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