Name: aqua marine
Age: 16
Godly parents: mother gaurdian of creation, Poseidon
Likes: sing,dance,practice my powers, the arts,music,sports,and the sea
Dislikes: hates when people take my headphones, hates when people be mean to others, and most of all is when people just be a pervertat times
Bio: I was a kid when I found out about my powers, my parents, mostly everything about me except one thing I don't know about, I started to go after school to my moms house to practice my powers and some other stuff when got first place medal in the Olympics when I was 11 years old and I just knew I'll be a warrior one day and ever since then I've been practicing and practicing and that played off when I got here my dream came true

Weapons/ powers: has the power to create stuff and destroy stuff, can control the elements, sword, bow and arrows, can teleport, has super speed, sword, has super strength, can turn into animals and people , at times I can transform into magical people because I'm mad

Days at camp: new here
Gender: female
Accomplishments: skilled most of my power not all of though I can't get my full power on in tell I'm 17 one more year can't wait

Hey guys! Tis been a while since I've been on XD

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Name: Ramona Todde
Age: 16
Godly Parent: Hebe, Goddess of Youth
Powers: She can turn old or young to her will and she's very good with disguises
Weapon of choice: she likes to use dagger, but willing to use anything in battle
Personality: She's usually really quirky and fun, but she can change her mood really quick. She's also very open-minded
Likes: People who don't always take things too seriously, animals
Dislikes: Nothing really, she always she's both sides of the argument
Bio: She lives with her dad in the city and she's usually had a normal life - no big twists or cliffhangers. She wants more adventure in her life

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These are usually what Ramona's outfits looks like (just to give you an idea of her fashion sense)
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Name: Aquarius

Age: 11

Powers: Oddly, I am half mermaid. And, because of that, I can transform into a mermaid by getting wet. "But Poseidon children CAN'T get wet." Well, I can. I can also manipulate water.

Godly parent: Poseidon

Likes: Water, Fire (Sometimes), Being with friends (Don't have any)

Dislikes: Bullies, Being able to get wet and NOT stay in human form

Bio: Poseidon fell in love with May Lakeshore. Simple as that.

No, of course not.
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Is Leo Valdez taken? please tell me he isn't

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Name: Midnight

Age: 9

Powers: Shadow control, Shadow travel

Godly Parent: Erebus

Likes: Shadows

Dislikes: Being out in the sunlight

Bio: Nah....

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name: Lucas Johnathan Hamby Burk
Age: 10
Gender: Male
Godly Parent: Aries
Likes: Guys, 
Dislikes: Bullies, Fighting
Height: 4.9ft
B-day: April 5
(Half Vampire!) The necklace prevents him from using his Vampiric Powers)
Personality: Shy, keeps to myself

Bio:  The people that I grew up living with used me. used my body to get money to feed their addictions. I Hatted it. I finally ran away where I meet Annabeth, Percy, and Grover who brought me to camp. Here I learned that i was the son the Aries. I never would have thought that I was strong enough.

What he looks like at the age of 16

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Name: Jonathan Hoover
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Godly Parent: Athena
Height: 5.1ft
Likes: The color blue and Boys  (He is Gay!)
Dislikes: Not much
Personality: Shy, Doesn't talk much, Tries to keep to myself

Bio: Before showing up at camp, I had lost my parents, or who I thought where my parents. I was constantly attacked by monsters. When I got to camp I was excited. I wasn't the only one! Now I have a family again.

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Name: Rebecca Myst
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Godly parent: Hades
Likes: Dark places
Dislikes: People
Personality: Distant so no one really knows
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