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Anwar O.

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How to win?...simple (share, comment & +1 this post)..Your comment is your proof when we anounce the winner, the winners comment will be in the comments section and they will vouch that they did infact receive the tablet after wining,so be sure to comment.. Winner will be shouted out here in the comments section and this post(EDITED with Winner)..Happy Holidays everyone..below is the link to the tablet thats being given away courtsy of

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Thank you
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Neha Gupta

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I want to sell My site

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I am a SEO/SMO/writer expert, I have been doing internet marketing for more than 8 years so I understand what it takes to get your website #1. I offer top quality SEO services for only a Fiverr.
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Mufti Istikhori

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We can create Cover Ebook Premium design for you just only $12 WOW!!

If you are an author or a publisher, then you surely know that all ebooks need an amazing cover. Let's be Honest, books with good graphic, eye catching fonts sell more copies.

Our Job is to make sure that your ebook cover Stand out, we're not satisfied with your cover until you are.

We make :
Kindle, Createspace and Smashwords covers

We do not make :
Hand drawing designs

To get your beautiful cover design, you only need to :

- Provide your Title, Subtitle, author's name and the subject of the ebook
- Send some inspirational covers that you like
- Choose the image or graphic that you like from our images library website

Then leave the rest to us ;)

PS : We provide a FREE 3D cover EXCLUSIVELY like the ones in our portfolio

So, make your order, or you can contact us if you have ANY question

contact email : with paypal payment only
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There’s an old saying that good salespeople get lots of customers, and great salespeople keep lots of customers. In fact, 40% of sales are from repeat customers. Pleasing the the people you have now can lead to them buying more of your stuff, upgrading their services, and even advertising for you. So how do we keep in their good graces? We can start by thanking them.
It’s not over when you make the sale!
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Sarah Giesau

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ISO I'm not or light between the oceans 
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Canon EOS Rebel T3i Digital SLR
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+qudri muhamed thx I don't do hangout
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If you’re like most people, you have certain moments when you have to pause your business. Moments such as driving the kids to school and having Christmas dinner. Speaking of which, winter tends to be hell on Earth for some of us, as passing out flyers is one of the most common marketing tools. Here’s some great news: what if we didn’t have to pause our business?
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If you’re like most people, Full tường nhé+Jibriel Holloway
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If you’re like most people, you make a habit of leaving your business cards in stores and other places so people can find them. Maybe you leave one in your grocery cart, or in your chair at the pizzeria. Dropcards are a great tool for this purpose, and they are much more likely to grab attention than a regular business card.
This tool puts a twist on leaving business cards in public places!
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Людмила Назарова

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Жми на картинку прямо СЕЙЧАС
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Приглашаю на ежедневный вебинар BitClub Network. Вебинар о клубе, который реально занимается добычей BitCoin (самой дорогой валюты в мире) и справедливо делит их между членами клуба. Спикеры: Алексей Барышев и Андрей Русанов. Ежденевно в 20-00 МСК (19-00 Киев). Теги: #битклаб, #битклабнетворк, #bitclub, #bitclubnetwork, #bitcoin. #btc, #инвестициивбиткоин, #вебинар
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Custom round simple touch LED keychain makes a favorable gifting choice for advertisers. Try now!

#Personalized #KeychainFlashlights #Branding
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Svetlana B

Made in U.S.A. 100% nylon carpet and non-skid recycled vinyl backing. Machine washable. Officially licensed. Chromojet printed in true team colors. Estimated Lead Processing Time: 10-17 business days FLAT rate Shipping for US only (exc. HI and Alaska) from zipcode 30024 (flat rate will see on your Cart)
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Stepha Kitschmann

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New 2x7 Matrix❗️❗️❗️

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"All of these indoor swing selections and attachments are perfect for strengthening muscle & building hand to eye coordination while your child is having many hours of fun."

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Not just weight loss supplements! These all-natural dishwasher packs smell great and without the harsh chemicals.

#LiveClean #AllNatural
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+Sarah Giesau $14.99 you can find this and many other great all-natural products here. - Share the Love
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Jody R

Purple Crochet Coffee Sleeve / Cup Cozy with bright red Rose and 2 Leaves. Perfect for a grading or Grad gift!

This handmade coffee sleeve is reusable and eco-friendly. Great for hot or cold drinks. Fits most standard to-go cups.

#etsy   #crochet   #coffee #coffeelovers   #cupcozy   #handmade   #etsyshop   #etsyseller   #etsygifts   #etsyfinds  
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What do YOU do Whilst Jam'd UP in Traffic? #D2DriveTheHerd
#D2D : Empowering Today's Commuter's #D2Drive. Prolific Platforms for the Conscientious Commuter. #NoText Anything Less is a LO$$. #ArmadilloNoTextDesk : A Safer, Legal, Hand Held Alternative. #NoTextDesk #TrafficTakes #TrafficOppressesUS Traffic CO$T$ #ProductiveTrafficJamming #TrafficSUX #TrafficKILLS
#D2DriveAlive : Herd Immunity Inoculation’s :

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What do YOU do Whilst Full tường nhé+Don Mahaffey Weaver II D2D Car and Truck Desks
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Levi Vargas

Selling my device if anyone is interested.
For sale on Swappa: a gently-used DDY040 Huawei Honor 5X (Unlocked) for $140. Buy safely on Swappa and save time and money.
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