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From Freebase to Wikidata: The Great Migration

This paper by Thomas Tanon, +Denny Vrandečić, +Sebastian Schaffert, +Thomas Steiner (all from Google) and +Lydia Pintscher (Wikimedia), describes the processes and tools used to effect the migration of Freebase to Wikidata, and the challenges and insights that have been encountered on the way.

"The two major collaborative knowledge bases are Wikimedia’s Wikidata and Google’s Freebase. Due to the success of Wikidata, Google decided in 2014 to offer the content of Freebase to the Wikidata community. In this paper, we report on the ongoing transfer efforts and data mapping challenges, and provide an analysis of the effort so far. We describe the Primary Sources Tool, which aims to facilitate this and future data migrations. Throughout the migration, we have gained deep insights into both Wikidata and Freebase, and share and discuss detailed statistics on both knowledge bases."

While much of this may be too technical for some, I do recommend everyone reads at least the first couple of pages, as in them one will find extremely concise and useful descriptions of Freebase, Wikidata, and the rationale for migrating from the former to the latter.

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The Knowledge Graph Search API has arrived!

Still on deck is a replacement for the Freebase Suggest API; Freebase API support will continue for three full months after this has been released.

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Am I correct to think that these social media profiles are displaying in the KG not  because Google is getting less evil (!),  but because these URIs are property values for their respective topic in Freebase?   

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In trying to better understand  the Freebase 'SKOS concept' type, I found this paper which details the SKOS concept origin, rationale, and components. SKOS (Simple Knowledge Organization System) provides a data model and vocabulary to classify  schemes in Semantic Web applications.

SKOS was birthed out of a European project called 'Desire' (1997-2000).  +Dan Brickley was part of the team who turned the 'Desire' results into a proposal. Over the next few years that proposal made it's way through several organizations until the W3C working group published the 'SKOS Core Vocabulary Specification'  final draft in August 2009.

If you want to know more about SKOS, this paper is for you!

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Someone would like to try an alpha service based on freebase that I developed?

+Freebase whenever a client tries to "create a new account" on freebase I pick a "username" and I always get the same response no matter what name I place in (no spaces lower case) - "Account is already connected to a Freebase user."  what do I need to do to create an freebase account? 

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Freebase Navigation
I created this video and I hope it is accurate. after reading all the posts here I'm not so sure. Anyone who knows please correct any erroneous information in the video so I could make a proper correct video - thanks

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If you think that #Freebase can be used to build "intelligent agents" on the Web, here's an example using @seevl music api (built using Freebase, among others) to create a virtual DJ on Twitter 

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Hi everybody,

I'm new into the community. i'm a french developper curretly working on a android client for freebase. For now it is in early alpha state, and there stille is a lot of work to do, but it is very usable. I'm searching for alpha testers and goods advices. So feel free to give it a try an tell me what you think about it. I'm curretly working to manage quotas of freebase api use that seems very low. I ask google more quota but have no response at all :s

Nicolas Torzec, Science Lead for Yahoo Knowledge Graph just gave a presentation at #semtechbiz  which stated that Freebase + Wiki form the 'backbone of the reference data sources' for Yahoo KG. 

This came as a surprise to me as I thought Freebase was  only being used by G's KG. 
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