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I have always wanted to learn a programming Language - So now I have started. If you also are trying to learn Python Your welcome to join along

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Software Developer (Python) Employment
Python Software Engineer

Piper Enterprise Solutions is seeking a Python Software Engineer for a permanent opportunity in Durham, North Carolina (NC).  The Python Software Engineer will be responsible for coding in Python mainly working on the backend. The Python Software Engineer will also be responsible for implementing scalable, cloud-optimized database architectures. The Software Engineer will closely work with a team of 6 Software Developers holding several responsibilities and wearing multiple hats. Requirements and qualifications for the Python Software Engineer include the following:

3+ years of experience coding in a software development team and environment
1+ year of experience in coding in Python (full stack)
Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science is highly preferred, but not required
Compensation:  $70,000 – $100,000.  Total Compensation package will be determined by recent salary history and relevant work experience. 

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Jessica McKellar: The Future of Python - A Choose…:

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Hey Guys  not done yet but here are some  Images for E-book
As I said before I am going to document everything that I learn as i go along - Then later make an Ebook out of it Here is the Raw Cover - before all the other stuff is added 
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Chapter One: Section "Hello Reader" Being Reviewed
Hello Feel free to read and give advice to this section before it is recorded and added to Website any advice or suggestion you may have concerning the "Hello Reader" letter just post below.
  Hello I am ScannerDrome. I would like to welcome you to "The Python Experiment." This is not a course; in fact, this is really an experiment, because I have no idea how to program. That's right: I'm no Guru. I'm just a noob who wants to be a Pythoneer.
For many years I have wanted to learn how to program, but, like a lot of people, procrastination zapped my progress.
 After a recent scare concerning my vision and computer eye syndrome, I started to think "What if I lost my vision and never achieved some of my goals (programming being one of them)?"
 Around the same time I had an idea for a program, but could not find anyone to help me. Like many things in life, if you want it, you have to go get it yourself. So here we are about to teach ourselves how to program in Python.
 During our studies we will use a wide variety of resources from the internet, including: websites, Google searches and free books aimed at teaching people like ourselves how to program.
  Luckily for us a lot of experienced programmers have made their knowledge freely available for us to benefit and learn from.

The Python Experiment is an expression of information, it's a desire to learn, and this is what you will find
• Google + Page The Python3 Experiment - You can join the page if you like and see the rough drafts of Ideas, chapters, audio recordings being done before posting to the Scannerdrome website, Information here can change remember this is Self taught so as we learn so will the information change  The 3 stands for the Python version being used.
• Persons of Interest - These are people that we have found to be of benefit to learning Python, or keeping up with what changes and development is happening with python. From developers, activist, and programmers they are people you may want to keep an eye on.
• Software Made with Python - You will find audio/video reports of software that is made with Python so you can get an idea of what has already been done with Python
• Advice / Tutorials / Videos - You will find resources gathered from the Web based on learning Python3 or above.      

Whenever a concept is learned we will document it, Create audio and video discussing the concept and what we found hard and not so hard to grasp - All of the information will be update as we learn easier ways of understanding. 

Why Would You Ever Want to be a Programmer? (Feed Me Seymour!)
Do you remember the musical Little Shop of Horrors? 
It's a story of an awkward nerd named Seymour,  played by Rick Moranis, who comes across a crazy plant from outer space which Seymour named Audrey 2 
Problem is his new found plant has a very large appetite for human flesh.
When Seymour first came across the plant, it seemed to be dying...until a mishap causing Seymour to gush blood from his finger caused the carnivorous plant to spring to life.
Soon after, Seymour agreed to feed the now-talking and singing space plant whole humans  to keep him happy. 

So you want to be a programmer? Well, let's start by changing your name to Seymour. I hope you have healthy bone marrow and plenty of iron.
No you won't be feeding a carnivorous plant named Audrey 2...something way cooler: A code eating Python.
There are so many great reasons to become a programmer financial being one but not the most important as a matter of fact doing anything only for financial gain is a sorry state of affairs, No there are far better reasons Like learning, creating, and teaching okay need something a bit more dramatic how about - To have control over your computer hardware, Make it yield  to your "Will" To use your power to bring forth your  Algorithmic creations!  
So Why Python?
Because it's powerful, fast, versatile, cross platform, runs everywhere, but above all—it's friendly and easy to understand! This is not to say that becoming a good programmer is easy, because it's not, but Python makes the task a bit more enjoyable. 
Python is a great way to learn default programming concepts. It's a language that is very close to human communication,
unlike other programming languages that are much closer to machine language, or like assembly coding, which is basically the language of computers.
Will the road be tough? Sure! At times it will make you sick. Some will give up, others will move on. The choice is yours.

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Scanners - Our Buyer Brown Talking to Catherine Devlin Pyohio
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Scanners -Calibre Ebook Manager - Running PinguyOs Linux 
You can Also See this Video On the Larger ScannerDromeTV Show and Listen to Audio Via Podcast
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I found this video from 2013 pycon +David Mertz is speaking I tagged him so maybe he will stop by and say hello everyone but even if not he has some good things to say. Sure we are just starting out in teaching our self's how to program but its also a good idea to watch and listen to programmer's that we can learn from . I will add him in our Python person's of interest section later tonight
Why you should use Python 3 for text processing:
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