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After decades of being fascinated by Hermetics, Magick, metaphysics, the esoteric and Alchemy, I realized I was missing something important.
Studying this material for so many many years, it was just last year that it dawned on me that to truly understand Magick, I needed to dedicate myself and my life to the practical application of Magick, and experience it firsthand.
I call myself a Magician, and I think it is important to share with other people a lifestyle that is empowering, inclusive, free of dogma, free of dark evil intent, that relishes God's creation, Earth, and a joyous life.
I also hope that in the sharing we will all discover that eternal validation of our souls.
I look to explore the many facets of human spiritualism and experience them for myself. Magick, Tarot, Divining, Conjuring, invocation, and manifestation.
Since I began this journey I have learned so much and I am creating this group so I and folks like me who enjoy experiencing life to come together and share our revelations.

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The Regenerative Orienting Theurgy/Therapy Apparatus know as the ROTA Magic Wand will help you ground and induct your intentions towards manifestation.

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I was reading a great article last night at on Egregores.
The mystical beings that we create to fulfill our desires, listens to our prayers, and teach wisdom. They are made of Astral Light and grow in power and intensity as we focus on them and give them our attention.
It is interesting to realize that many people create these energetic entities unconsciously, or they become trapped by existing 'Egregores'.
Participation in group believe, speak, and objectives without full aware can lead to the trappings of an independent Egregore.
You see after we create them if they are not properly managed they can grow to become an independent conscious 'god form'.
Remember the saying to 'be careful what you wish for?' is really a cautionary tale.
Don;t put all of those eggs in a single basket labeled "EGREGORE LIVES HERE" and you will be free to become your own master.
Magicians are...
a) Supreme masters of their own universe
b) The masters of illusion.

Have a magical day!

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Jane Roberts, Author and "mother" of the New Age became a channel by accident for one of the most prophet entities ever documented.
An energy gestalt who calls himself Seth.
"Seth Speaks" Ms. Roberts first Seth book, tells the tale of how her life was changed and enriched by this amazing being who dictates the Nature of Reality and the Individuals role in living through her.

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To Temple or Not...
I stopped going to Church after I moved from my parents home.
But I was never far from a relationship with God and a deep appreciation and gratitude for his creation and each day.
When I began my magickal journey last year, it was apparent that I needed to have a space where I could privately meditate, pray, induct my will, study, practice, or speak with the spirits that walk among us (I am still working on this part LOL!)
I had an extra room after my daughter moved out so this is where I built my 'Zen Room" .
It was the best decision and I highly recommend it.
I used Robert Wang's Book "My Secret Temple" (Free .pdf online)to help with the basic design, and then I let my natural inclinations and imagination make this room a place where I felt safe and comfortable.
Mr. Wang's book even shows you how to build an Altar in a box!
The symbolism reminds me when I enter that this is my holy place.
I remove my shoes and when I walk through the door I leave the world behind, and it is just me, my Angels, and God. LVX
Even Superman had his fortress of solitude. ♥

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The Magic Wand: A tool of the Magus & Occult world that has not changed much since it's inception.
I began forging tools and weapons while I was a Chela still learning about Magick, Hermetics, Alchemy, Occult, and the esoteric.
It was during a meditation reading that I gleaned the knowledge required to re-imagine the Magic Wand.
Introducing the ROTA Magic Wand, an electro-magnetic Regeneration, Orienting Theurgy Apparatus with an impressionable fluid condenser and acceleration construct inside that allows the Magician, Witch, Healer or Spiritualist the ability to effectively impact the currents of the Astral Light and subtle Earth energies to get consistent resonating results.
A website providing the schematics for FREE is currently under construction.
Soon the Magus will have this powerful information to construct their own.

Until then I am offering my one of a kind creations, there are about 20 different styles available.
Available on Amazon, Etsy, eBay.
Once you work with this tool in ritual or healing therapies it will become your 'go to' power tool for everything!
Thank you so much for looking. ♥

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One of the most powerful writers I have come across that explains and demystify Magicks role in our daily and spiritual lives is Eliphas Levi.
Éliphas Lévi (born Alphonse Louis Constant; 8 February 1810 – 31 May 1875), was a French occult author and ceremonial magician.
He is one of the individuals that was attributed to bringing the esoteric to Western civilization.
This is one of my favorites:
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