I have a serious thing that should be discussed, actually.  If you've been on IRC, you might have seen it in the topic.  TnL Con 2013.  We're debating times and whatnot.  May 8-10th, or 22-24th?  Thoughts?  Also, fees will be slightly higher from $20 up to $40-60, possibly.  Renting a cabin will be cool, but a bit more pricy than our previous year.  I'm still covering the cost of the cabin, but I'm thinking we'll be eating in a bit more.

Also, we'd have the cabin the evenings of the 7th through the 10th, but if anyone wants to arrive the weekend before or leave the weekend after, they can stay with us at our place obviously.  Subject to availability.  Let us know what you think.  I know the first week would work best for MTU folks, but Josiah has finals end of May.  Speak up!
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