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they never have time for the playground.

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Where can I find the Enclave power armor at in fallout 4?

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What's a better setting for a Fallout game?
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A dark radiated city
A open plain area with lots of tundras
A vast and difficult swampy land
A woodland area like Far Harbor
Any other setting of sorts..

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Resharing beacuse I got very little votes
Atomic Winter Part 2

You are Heavy Infantry, equipped with T51B Power Armor and a CZ53 Minigun. You mow down men like grass before a lawnmower. However due to the rushed training you aren't as capable as your fellow soldier outside your power armor.

You were deployed January 1st at Fort Wainwright Alaska under the 1st Battalion, 5th Infantry Regiment 353 Heavy Infantry Squadron. Your commander is Colonel Richard Smith who is described by most everyone who's met him as a hard ass who gets things done.

Date: January 9th 05:00 hours

The wake bugle sounds and you feel like shooting that god damn bugle right now. You didn't get any sleep beacuse you're pretty sure at least four guys were jacking off or gaying out or god knows what and you didn't dare let your gaurd down. People get desperate in this shit hole of a base and with no women its prison rules. You get up, get dressed and grab a broom like every morning for base maintenance.

The closest thing you have to a friend here and one of the first black people you've ever met Tyson Ford walks up to you broom in hand.

Tyson: "I got a bad feelin' Brock."

"I doubt you're going get molested Tyson you're huge."

Tyson: "What, no?! I mean theres a bad energy in air like some shits about to go down."

"You sure beacuse I couldn't get any damn sleep beacuse of those jack offs. Maybe you're just sleep deprived."

Tyson: "Never took me much to get asleep, so I ain't sleep deprived."

"So what you think we're gonna get attacked?"

Tyson: "I don't know but best if we stay on our toes untill the air clears up."

"Ya whatever."

Date: January 9th 13:00 hours

You sit down and eat a shitty steamed burger that's probably the best thing in the cafeteria. Someone's got a radio playing in the lunch hall and Tyson sits down next to you with a mystery meat soup.

Tyson: "Colonel is on one today made me run another mile beacuse he said I was seating too much from the first four."

"Ya he made me clean toilets beacuse I got done sweeping to fast."

A scrawny white guy by the name of Ellis Scott, though most call him Snake slides over to you.

Ellis: "Same here, made me soak my hands in lye water beacuse I got the dishes done too quick. I'm thinking about getting back at him, you guys in?"

Tyson: "What do you have in mind?"

(What do you with your ass of a colonel?)
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Jam foil in his rifle so it backfires
Shit in his helmet while he's asleep
Go warn him and kiss his ass
Stay out of the prank
Put laxatives in his meal
Jam foil in his rifle so it backfires
Shit in his helmet while he's asleep
Go warn him and kiss his ass
Stay out of the prank

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The coolant challenge!

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Making payments? The fuck is this game, a house? A car? A phone? Last time i checked we had free mods also

ZeniMax and Bethesda the fuck is wrong with you? Explain yourself

I've been debating an Enclave Vs Institute post so I think I'll bring up some interesting scenarios that would hopefully make it a bit more clear by adding some specific scenarios and going to give what I think are the results at the end, let me know what you think.

So first the circumstances:
Lets put them both at their up most strength, so the Enclave Oil Rig and its related army and Frank magically get teleported to the Atlantic coast in Boston harbor in 2288.
The Sole Survivor never woke up and the BoS never comes to Boston. The Institute is at the point after it's in-game ending. Its reactor is fully upgraded, Shaun either dies and names Kellogg its leader (as much as he didn't like CornFlakes I think he still would do the best for the Institute and pick the best leader), or Shaun survives cancer, it doesn't particularly matter.
In all scenarios there are no outside influences like gunners, animals, or settlers. Both sides also know they exist and are a threat.

The Scenarios:

Scenario 1: 100% Vanilla Fight.
The Entire Enclave army vs the entire Institute army as they are. Both armies fight in any place in the battlefield to the death. 1 battle and only battle, no bases and no teleportation or vertibirds. They are all ready to face off.

Scenario 2: A standard war.
This is more of what we think of a fight, both know each other exist and are a threat, but not to what extent. Both have full access to their arsenal and their bases. This war will last until one base and its army is destroyed. They can only resupply by their own means and can only recruit their own. This is a war of Attrition.

Scenario 3: First Strike
Both know exactly where each other's bases are at. They both also know that each other is a deadly threat and will launch all available forces as soon as possible, but do not know each other's capability. To be far, the Enclave army would be in the Oil Rig getting ready to get on vertibirds for their attack during the Institute's Strike, the Enclave are surprised.

My Opinion
Scenario 1: I think without a doubt the Enclave would win this, they have a much larger force because the Institute force is mainly for protection and control, not invading and occupation. Enclave would win 9 times out of 10.

Scenario 2: I think the Enclave would win most battles, but they would make themselves vulnerable as they go out to search for the Institute's home. The Institute has the full initiative advantage and full control of information since Synth birds would watch almost all Enclave movement. They may have the weaker overall force, but they are better able to concentrate their army making the Enclave's initial size less of a factor, as well as being able to attack the Enclave from just about anywhere. As time goes on both the Institute and the Enclave would ram up their army and improve technologically, but the Institute has the benefit of being able to not only replace losses, but increase in size as time goes on, with the Enclave still relies mostly on people which cannot be replaced as easily. The Institute will suffer more losses but their factories may pump them out faster than losses, while the Enclave will suffer fatigue. I may get to the point that the Institute could send a constant stream of synths having battles that can last for days. Frank is a one man army, and is probably better than a Courser, but is he better than 5? 10? 20? Frank can only be at one place at any given time and can only travel so fast so he simply cannot be in the front lines at all times. Overall I think Institute would win 8 times out of 10.

Scenario 3: This one is probably the most interesting because it is highly dependent on the very first strike. The Institute could do one of many things, they can teleport in to kill the Enclave command, or they could go in to sabotage by teleporting a bomb to the Oil rig ending it there. Its hard to say. If the Institute's first strike is successful, well they win, but if not they still have time to regroup since the Enclave would still have to get ready, get to MIT and get digging. The Institute could get a second or third strike by the time Enclave could get through. How would the Enclave react to the first attack? Would they immediately throw everyone to MIT or would they divide their force keeping some in the Oil rig in case of a second attack, would they take a breath and rest before heading to MIT, hard to say. I would say this one is 50/50, its hard to say because of so many variables.

What do you guys think?

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Bleak day scavenging in the city

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I’d like to axe you a question

Does anyone know how why whenever I try to download fallout 4 off my disc it repeatedly stops installing and won't install any more than 27-30%?
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