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anxiety is the absolute worst
I got prescribed meds for it awhile ago, and while on it, I was just as terrified and nervous as usual. haven't gotten a prescription or anything since.
I wonder if there's any way to get rid of it. probably not, wish there was :/ 
so yeah, hello fellow cursed beings joking, hah

Hi I'm alive still and I'm proud if you try to insult me I'll laugh cause I've heard it all peace

I've struggled with on and off depression since I was seven. I've had two relapses since my first experience with it and my most recent, which occurred last year, was the worst. I was being mildly bullied, dealing with middle school and relationships, and I thought about killing myself almost everyday.
Once my depression subsided, I lived in fear for quite a while that it would come back and be even worse. But I learned to live in the moment and love the life I'm living right now, and I'm doing pretty good at the moment.
For anyone struggling with depression, it really does get better, and I want to do my best to help you all get to the place I'm at. I love you all and you're beautiful <3
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