I've encountered a maybe small issue.
I go to download the app but it says there is no items with the link given.
Is this app available in all regions? I'm currently in Australia

Heyo there!

Played with your awesome app some more today on freshly released Android N - works flawlessly, no errors etc, still some minor bugs are out there, dunno if they were present in stable android (6.0.1), still worth to submit I thought.

If you open Boss Schedule window, then go to Settings, and then tap "back" (via navigation panel or up-left corner of the screen, doesn't matter) the button for notifications (bottom-right corner) disappears. Opening "Boss Schedule" from the side menu fixes that.

"Boss Schedule" and "Boss Scheduler" (easy to mess up btw!) notifications are unrelated: I can set reminders for one boss in each of those windows and there will be 2 notifications at the same time in the end.

Also it would be neat imho to highlight the currently selected boss in that "boss schedule" and mark set notifications (like with checkmark for "done") on lines with bosses that has it.

Cheers! And sorry for my poor english, ain't my native ^_^'

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Version 0.2.0 RC1 Changelog:
A bit of a delay on the WvW scores but I didn't want to leave you guys without the other features.
-Added Boss Scheduler
-Added Off Schedule Bosses
-Added HoT Events (notifications coming soon)
-WIP WvW Scores
-Bug fixes
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I've been working on the following features and hopefully the update will be out this weekend.
-WvW Scores
-HoT event timers
-QR code scanner

Also, if anyone else is still experiencing the random notifications issue please let me know.

I left a review, but also wanted to include it here in the event that it's easier to read.

Since 5 star scale ratings can be somewhat inefficient I wanted to leave some feedback on why I (currently) love this app, as well as some things that I would really appreciate/find useful as a player.

+ Very nice, clean presentation. Easy to read and understand. Snappy, no lag while switching tabs.

+ Defaulting to the event timer is the perfect way to open the app, but it would be great if we could tap a listing and accordion-out the applicable chat codes for nearby waypoints and/or the zone the event is in.

+ Trading post integration is a very helpful feature, but splitting the BLTP and Search Trading Post tabs is kind of clunky. Maybe there is a way to combine them under one nav item, or tack it on after Buying/Selling/Bought/Sold?

+ Bank is helpful as a reference, but when it's very full it can be a pain to search through. Maybe filtering options for armor/weapons/rarity?

+ Dungeons page is near perfect. I absolutely love the layout, and the check boxes are a great feature. I apologize if it already works this way (I haven't done any dungeons since using this app), but resetting checkboxes on daily reset would be an appreciated feature I'm sure.

+ Achievements page is perfect. I cant think of any additional features I would like to see here!

+ Maybe add a couple alternate color themes for the app?

Great work so far!

Pushed 0.1.4; will post changelog later.

Hey guys just a heads-up, if you see more daily PvE achievements than what it shows you ingame it is because there are achievements that only show up for players whose highest level character is below 80.

Daily reset notification pops up on app exit always, even if it was disabled in settings. Android 6.0.1

edit: fixed in 0.1.4

Known Issues 0.1.3:
-Blank Daily Achievements
-Bank Tab crash

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Version 0.1.3 Changelog:

-Fixed the daily notification setting not disabling the daily notification instantly
-Added daily fractals!!
-Minor bug fixes

Should be out in a couple of hours.
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