Knowledge of kinyarjii's,(alien n human hybreds),first brought to life in the hope that they would hold not only the intelligence,(namely the ability to connect psycho-connetectly, ultimatley being advanced trackers,without the needs of technology,(of humans)and brute power,still with the animal instincts that are overturned to perfection,
This meaning the ultimate warrior,protector,security guard if like, to those who created it,----

I teamed up with a public company and I'm now looking to pitch 6 ideas or teams for us to fund.  If you know anyone with any interesting projects, or some great teams that could use a little boost, please send them my way.

The only requirement is that they utilize Google Apps (spreadsheets, etc.) or the Google Compute Engine (cloud rendering).

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Worth a watch.

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Here is a quick video of our first tool in Google Apps. What do you think +Arun Nagarajan? #studiocoop   #googleappsscript  

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WALTER - The Gathering

A stylish and fast paced short set in a dystopian cityscape as a man chased by the authorities tries to escape! This is only part one so there looks to be more to follow.

See the films web site below:

See the making of below:

#walterthegathering #animationshorts #animation #3danimation #film #3d #short #shortfilm #shortanimatedfilm #3danimatedfilm #animatedshortfilm #shortanimated3dfilm #animatedshort #shortanimation #animatedfilm #shortanimatedfilms #shortfilms #cgshorts  

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Hedge Pig/Mirror World: A computer game world/playspace idea.

                                               There is magic crossing in,
                                               There is magic looking out,
                                           Follow me and soon you'll learn;
                                                 Just what life is all about.

  Miles Lamina was a recluse. He lived in a large and unusual house that stood on it’s own in extensive grounds. He had retreated as fully from the world as he possibly could over 60 years ago, having his Legal firm deal with all his day-to-day requirements; even to the weekly delivery of essential items and foodstuffs which were to be placed in a chute leading down past the boundary and disappearing into the house as totally as miles himself. There were reasons for this state of affairs. Born into the last ‘dark-roma’ clan, The Dwaerro, whose main source of coin was creating and selling freaks to the Aristocracy of Europe and later private collectors, he was taught very many techniques and practices to control and alter the world as we know it by his grandmother, the ‘Baba-Yaga’ (or witch-leader) of the clan. He mastered these petty, or hedge-magicks by the time of his 16th birthday.  
  A little over two years later, Miles was extorting money from a minor nobleman of the House of Sackville in England. Commissioned to secure one Mortimer Sackville-West a Barony by employment of subtle manipulations, once said peerage was achieved the young Mage demanded regular payment to stop the information becoming public. At this time his clan was utterly destroyed at the hands of the Swords of Solomon, a sect of the Knights Templar dedicated to eradicating black magic and all things evil. Miles received the news stoically and made one more demand of the recently elevated Baron Sackville-West: papers denoting English citizenship in his name. Glad to be rid of the last son of the Dwaerro, Mortimer pulled strings and furnished Miles with what he desired.
  The dangerous young man then purchased himself a Captaincy in the 9th Cavalry Brigade- The Queens Royal Lancers, and set about a career spanning the next 100 years, changing his name and papers several times. He retired having amassed a very large fortune but having lost any spark of joy or feeling of well-being. His tricks had kept him from harm and extended his life unnaturally but he had seen and done truly horrific things in the theatre of war over a long period of time and was haunted by regret.  
  Returning to England he used a divination technique learned from a Dutch Jongleur to invest in certain areas of Industry that would be most profitable in years to come, most notably Telecommunications. He also purchased Barret House in the Midlands, built by Francis Barret (founder of The Golden Dawn Order)  75 years earlier on a Ley-line intersection, the estate costing a fraction of the usual price for such a house as it was considered uninhabitable due to it’s ‘haunted’ status. Odd things happened inside, some rooms moved location, people and things sometimes disappeared.
  Miles knew his time was growing short. Death, long denied his diseased soul, was stalking him and he held no illusions as to his final destination. the year was 2012 and he had trod the world for far longer than nature had intended. 
  In the time during Miles’ self-imposed isolation great strides in technology had been made and these interested the Magus greatly. Although he was now almost 200 years old he understood the concept of ‘cyber-space’ and saw parallels between this virtual space and the similar but ancient ‘Silvered World’ that could be attained using Mirror Magic. Intending to combine the two, he thought to relieve himself of his failing mortal shell, passing into the augmented Mirror World. If all went well he would retain the ability to influence the real world, achieve Immortality (of a sort) and rob The Reaper of his prize. Miles consulted ancient grimoires and cutting-edge technical schematics and after months of preparation and using several artifacts of power gained during his pillaging of the world coupled with a layered silver and fibre-optic Mirror , he was ready to perform the carefully adapted  ritual. At the most auspicious time (midnight with a gibbous moon in the sky) on All Hallows Eve,  he began the final invocation/coding.
  Unfortunately, at that moment the Moon emerged from cloud cover and shone in on the scene, directly onto the face of the composite Inter/mirror . This created a dreadful inversion of the magicks being wielded, the mirror cracked, fracturing the soul of Miles Lamina, dividing the last part of humanity and remorse from the larger part of him; his hatred and contempt. Acting as a poultice, the Moon drew his Innocence and compassion out of the mirror, shattering it. 
  Miles ‘goodness’ passed into the realm of Death, grateful for the release. What was left passed into the cyber world, the digital analogue of Mirror World. Spreading through the Internet like a virus, the virtual mirror land is now accessible to any who would brave it, although there are pitfalls aplenty in the ‘place-that-is-not-a-place’ and it is ruled by the malevolent entity that thinks of itself as Animal Selim, King Hedge-pig of the Silver Lining. Enter at your peril.

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  Shamayim:  The first Heaven. A computer game world/ playspace idea.

   This is repeated across several mythologies including Christianity, Hinduism and Judaism and concerns 7 other Earths sandwiched between 7 Heavens (of increasing beauty and perfection) and seven Hells (of increasing horror and persecution):
The 1st heaven, Shamayim borders the Earth and is ruled by Archangel Gabriel. This is the lowest of the heavens. It borders our world and is thought to be the dwelling place of Adam and Eve. This heaven being the first and closest to Earth acts as a shading agent for the Earth. This heaven has clouds, wind and upper waters. It is the home to two hundred astronomer angels who keep watch over the stars. 

A visitor to this Realm could also see, frequently and with near-endless variation, legions of guardian angels effigies, icons and statues of snow, ice and dew displayed in this vicinity. 

In the Apocalypse of St. Paul this region is called the "promised land." It is described as follows , "Now every tree bore twelve harvests each year, and they had various and diverse fruits, and I saw the fashion of that place and all the work of God, and I saw there palm-trees of twenty cubits and others of ten cubits, and the land was seven times brighter than silver". 
And as if that isn’t mind-blowing enough, here’s an extract from a description of the Sixth Earth:

‘...Here the seasons are very long. These inhabitants can travel from earth to earth and are credited with being able to speak all languages. This earth is said to be the place where the entrance to Hell can be found, all seven layers of it one on top of another. The topmost layer being Sheol followed by, perdition, the gates of death, the gates of the shadow of death, silence, the bilge and the lowest pit.’


‘At a time you understand as 1976 and in a place hidden close to a settlement spoken as Lachish in your tongue, two gates were opened. The first intentionally, the second not. Men of an organisation desiring power had unearthed a seven-chambered gate; and utilising a Mundi Prism placed at a precise distance from the aperture in conjunction with a Caeleste Cornu blown upon to produce the perfect note:  Had opened the way to The First Heaven. 
  This is not the first time this has happened. Other gates and methods of access have been utilised throughout time, indeed, other factions both benign and malignant have trod the sterling grasses of Shamayim, to the extent that the populace now far, far exceeds the 250 souls that have resided there these aeons past. 
  In the hours before my kind were able to close the portal however, (and that speedy response only possible as a consequence of a powerful force that opens the way to my plane simultaneously) very many souls passed over the threshold. Writings found abandoned in the chamber by these interlopers chilled me to my eternal soul.
   These men sought to harness the energies of Shamayim, it’s unique influence on your world used to exponentially increase the power their faction could wield in both actualities. Ultimately the intent was to invade and yoke the Infernal itself, to subjugate the Lower Hells. 
  Deeply disturbing as this information was, my people are few in number and forbidden to interfere directly, and the outcome was by no means a foregone conclusion. The First Heaven is a vast place, by necessity the same size as your realm and the influx of even a few thousand souls may not have had too large an impact, or so we told ourselves.
  A span of time that you would measure as nearly 40 years has past. We were wrong to be complacent, as not only the face of Shamayim been altered almost beyond recognising but now we see that agents of this same faction have duplicated the conditions needed to force openings to the Silver Plane utilising ‘technology’. This last, awful blasphemy numbs and terrifies me; as now any may pass back and forth at will. The hour may already be too late yet we are forced to recruit our own agents to halt this utter madness. If these Ur-men are not thwarted, all the realities teeter upon a precipice and Entropy shall be the reward of each of us. I implore you, will you help to restore the balance?’

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 The Box- The original Chinese Puzzles were very magical artifacts, capable of bending time and space creating a ‘bubble’ reality. In 1402 the second Emperor of the Qing Dynasty, Emperor Jianwen, found himself beleaguered and broken after only four years atop the golden throne. Besieged by his uncle, Zhu Di, his army all but destroyed and his life measured only in minutes; he looked to his four court magicians to effect a miraculous escape. Consulting the tome of Ultimate Emanated Bliss, and utilising Water Dragon and Phoenix eggs amongst other more exotic ingredients, they ensorcelled and created a puzzle box. By use of these arcaneries they forced into existence a mini-reality, a ‘pleasant garden’ into which travelled The Emperor, his concubines and his personal samurai guard totalling 100 people. Jianwen also took various magical creatures and the Library of Magical Knowledge gathered from the four corners of the Empire. 
     The box was then placed in plain sight on a pedestal in a wing of the Palace. Zhu Di stormed the Palace and was enraged to be cheated of his victory, killing all but the four court magicians. Though he tortured them most cruelly for many months they, all four of them, remained loyal to Emperor Jianwen, keeping his true location hidden and when the last succumbed to deaths embrace he took the secret with him to the grave. 

  The Puzzle Box passed through thousands of hands down the centuries, never once being opened, indeed by it’s magical nature no-one was able to, so every owner soon tired of it and passed it on or sold it. It’s latest hapless owner however, after purchasing it from a flea-market, absently put it down on top of their computer. Something chimed within the box, for after all, what is the internet but another virtual reality, not unlike the reality contained in the box itself? With a single high, pure note the box converted into the digital reality that is the World Wide Web. 

  When you download ‘The Box’ it opens for you and you may explore the pleasant garden.

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2014. A montage of a young attractive woman. Smiling, laughing, doing sports, and finally riding a motorcycle. 

Fade from black from her POV inside a modern hospital in 2056. The doctor reassures her and tells her that she was in a very serious motorcycle accident a couple of years ago and they were finally able to save her.

She looks down to see that she's a robot. The doctor explains the huge advantages of her brain being stored in the data centre. Her body is now totally replaceable, she can connect a new robotic body to the data centre whenever she wants.

The company who paid for the brain recovery and this technology however requires her to work off the costs. It's illegal to now turn her off and she also cannot commit suicide. She can either go to a hard labor debtors prison for the government or work for the company. What could her arc be +Marc Samson ?

- What if there is a bad guy that is teaching himself to view the world from multiple robot bodies, but he's actually the good guy trying to release/kill these slaves.

-What if everyone had them and they were disposable. As in, you could jump off a building and move to another robot body in mid-air, just for fun. 
#studiocoop   #storyideas  
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