name: Lucky
age: depending on the RP from 14-49 but usually 19
gender: stallion
race: pegasus
skill set: silver tongued, advanced tech, and "rules" over a underground city named sanctuary
weapons: a custom magnum
bio: born in stable 47 (it is in a side story I am working on) he escaped from the overmare to find out his meaning, he discovered a large bunker under neath equestria and started a city named sanctuary where it houses cybernetic ponies like him self.

Can someone email me the Fallout Equestria story, I need it copied and pasted into an email and sent to, because I do t have wi-fi at home and this is a school ipad. Please help me out. Thanks! I would like it to be one chapter per email if possible please.

AGE: u would not believe me if I told u
Skill: raising the undead and soul snatcher, and close range attacks, with the last remain of the shadow creature from nightmare moon, shadow blade and two mini 44 shepherds at my side
Bio: let's just say Luna wasn't the first for the shadows to take her over and I can tell u that it only begun

a changeling in power armor sits in a destroyed building by a fire

a changeling is taking power armor off when he hears something in the dark and smirks as the fire dies

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Name: Peppermint Sparkle
Age: 16
Gender: Mare
Race: Pegasus-Zebra hybrid. I refer to myself as a Pegasus though... No pony wants to know I'm part striped... So unaccepting...
Skill set: Speed, Mint-al Making, Singing, Building... So I guess we could sum that up as Creativity.
Weapons: Battle Saddle... Does dive bombing count as a weapon? Hmm. Self. Myself is a weapon. Self defense.
Bio: Born in Stable Two, only pegasus in there. I'm kind of...rare. Apparently somewhere down my mom's line there was some great Pegasus... And on my dad's apparently, some interbreeding between ponies and zebras. So... They got me. The Overmare was kind enough to me, she'd let me practice flying in the halls after everypony went to bed. Without that practice, don't know what I would have done when I followed LittlePip and Velvet out here, about a day later, flying out before the guards could stop me. I've been told by a few ponies that I'm beautiful... I don't know. Maybe I am. Anyways... I live in a treehouse I built myself, deep in the woods inbetween Ponyville and New Appleoosa. My Special Somepony is Splitstream (+Ace S). And... I'll do anything for my friends. They're really all I have and I will NOT lose them. So... Don't mess with me or them, and you should be fine. Might even become my friend. We'll see. I'm usually friendly though. I don't bite unless you try anything stupid, or your a raider, or your a slaver. If your a good pony, maybe you can be my friend.

Name: Aero
Age: 19
Gender: stallion
Race: unicorn
Skillset: diplomacy and is a silver tounge.
Weapons: none...a pistol he has only because his father gave it to him.
Bio: he was born in a stable. He was the dj for the stable and tried to open communications with the surface. But the overmare was scared so she kicked him out. And now he is wandering the wasteland just exploring for the most part.

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Oh and this is aero.
But without the wings and with a horn.

Name: Lightning Storm
Age: 21 (for rp lol)
Race: Pegasus
Gender: Male
Skill set: close range attacks
Weapons: Dagger, throwing knives, rifle
Bio/life story: Orphaned after watching parents die leaving me to not trust any pony.

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This is what my oc looks like but with a ragged hoodie over his head lol
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