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This community was supposed to be a safe place for FNaF fans to hang out, but then it was invaded by haters and spammers. Nobody can post safely anymore.
This is why this community was made. Let's save "FNaF fans" and take back what's ours!

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So, the mods came back and fixed the community. Should I delete this one?
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The haters keep getting triggered that we dont take their opion but they dont take ours and thats making them childish even more than kids who post a bunch of spam in that community

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Found this on a pro-FNaF community. It's honestly sickening that people like this demand that we respect their opinion when they won't respect ours.

Head over to the community and find a spammer. If you see that they're a part of an Anti-FNaF community, join it so you can post a pro-FNaF image. Preferably, add a quote to the effect of "You destroyed our community. Now it's our turn." Don't stop spamming them until they stop spamming us.
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