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Make sure to sub to my buddy AnimeCodEmblems on YouTube.
I will be posting if I have the time.
Thank You.

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Latest made.
Edited soon after it was taken.

Update? I'll try to dish out stuff if I can!

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This my emblem

Working on some new projects!
I'll keep you guys updated

I've decided to add a "YouTube" category, because of some recent YouTube related posts. Post in this category if it's related to YouTube in any way, shape, or form.
If not posted in the right category, it will automatically be deleted.
Thank you.

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Call of Duty: Infinitw Warfare GIVEAWAY! 😀


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(Asuna Yuuki ALO)
Decided to post this, because Sword Art Online Hollow Realization is coming out in November! I'm pretty excited!

New projects in the works!

Sad to see the Black Ops 3 season go, but that doesn't mean I will stop making emblems.
I'll keep you guys updated.
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