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Welcome to Carolesville, a normal place for normal activities...rarely.

Days Go By is an official RP center, where you live in a quaint town with all sorts of happenings, from alien attacks to robot assassins, but nonetheless, you go about with your life here at Carolesville.

A few rules before you get started:


A few obligatory basics for your profile:
Gender (Optional if your character doesn't/isn't supposed to have a gender)
Physical Appearance (But only if you don't have a picture handy)

There is currently a map under construction of Carolesville, but at the moment, here are some of the many places you might visit:

Carolesville Mall
Town Hall
Tony's Grade A Pizza Place
Cineflix Movie Theater
Blasteron Arcade
Sandwich Palace
Bozo The Clown's Circus Tent
Abandoned Buildings (about three of those)
Hair Salon
Chocolate Place
Aaand multiple neighborhoods to live in

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Name: NM-2 "Two-Ny"
Age: Two months since she was built, but looks like a 16 year old girl.
Gender: Female
Species: Android
Bio: There isn't much about her in this quiet little town except that she is curious, forgetful and adventurous. It was practically two months since she was built so she explores this city and goes around, ready to meet anyone of course but there can be a few downfalls and being forgetful is one, so let's see if she doesn't get lost along the way

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Name: German Commander
Age: unknown, possibly in his mid twenties
Gender: male
Height: 5 foot and 3 inches
Sexuality: straight
Info: he's a little strange but he's a kind and caring person, being talented in building you can see him testing or working on his projects, he suffers from loneliness and depression, he often looks and fantasies about finding his soul mate. (I don't have a full body picture of him standing normally yet but I will soon)

*in his garage working on something, you hear music coming from it*

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13 years of operation

He prefers male pronouns

Rocket boots
Laser blasters

Mecha-Zach was created by an obscure group of assassins with the intention of giving Zach a bad image, across the multiverse this time. Zach confronted his robot clone, defeating him. Mecha-Zach came back, and developed a twisted obsession with Zach and how he always manages to beat him. In between, he fights Zach.

Clara was currently running for her life, a few gang members, part of the Deadly Snakez, had apparently found her location. Her family members told her to go on and find a place to hide, while they tried their best to fight them off. They all tried very hard to fight all the gang members off, a few had escaped their grasp. Clara had ran into an alley when she collided with someone.

feel free to join

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Zachary Higgins



Starbord (novel)

Zachary Higgins lived in Carolesville before he stole government property, a dimension-hopping ship, and so the government painted him as a dangerous criminal, until he saved the world from his evil robotic counterpart, in which the government removed his negative public image.
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Full Name:
Clara Elise Humanti
Current age:
13 years 11 months
Current Home:
Current Father: Lawrence H.
Current Mother: Mila H.
Current Sibling(s): Caden H. Caleb H.
long, brown with violet tips
Casual Outfit:
Pink Dress
Other Facial Features:
Has freckles
Current Romantic Interest:
Daniel E.
Current Best Friend: Amara Jones
Current Villians:
Flora Hope, Wireframe
Current Friends: Mac,
Theme Song: All of me (John Legend)
Biography: Clara Elise Humanti was born and raised in a very small town that wasn't known very well. Which meant her and her family were safe from their past, Clara’s Mother, Mila’s mother, was a very dangerous gang leader. She was the leader of the Deadly Snakez. They were the most wanted gang on the earth. After Mila’s Mother heard she had a daughter, Mila’s mother, Talia, wanted to meet her immediately, but since Mila had wanted to live a normal life, she refused, and fled away with her husband. And are currently being hunted down by the Deadly Snakez.

let me know if there is anything that must be added or fixed

Zach was blasting Boss Galagas and wasting his quarters on Galaga at the Blasteron Arcade. It was Saturday, and he had just aced two pretty difficult tests at school. Resting on top of the cabinet was a strawberry smoothie, another well-deserved treat in his opinion.

His day of vegetation was soon to be cut short as his arch-nemesis, Mecha-Zach, walked into the arcade, looking for Zach.

Looking for a fight.

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